Welcome to Second Grade!!

Welcome to Second Grade!!

Welcome to 1st Grade Mrs. Arthur RM 310 Mrs. Dew RM 308 Mrs. Lepick RM 311 Mrs. Lingenfelter RM 309 What is First Grade all about? Forming a classroom community Fostering independence

Teaching responsibility Standards Based Instruction using the AZCCRS. (Arizona College & Career Readiness Standards). AZCCRS Arizonas College and Career Readiness Standards are designed to prepare students with the core academic knowledge and skills they need to succeed in postsecondary education and training. Clear, focused standards that are internationally benchmarked and aligned with college and workforce expectations. Rigorous strategic grade-level goals that provide coherent progressions from grade to grade, linking major topics of study. A focus on developing students critical thinking,

problem solving and real world application of skills through effective instructional strategies. A foundation for working collaboratively across content disciplines. English Language Arts Focused on: Some of the tools we use: Reading Writing Speaking & Listening Pearson Reading Street Curriculum

Thinking Maps Sight Words Write From the Beginning Words Their Way Word Study DIBELS What is DIBELS? The Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) are a set of procedures and measures for assessing the acquisition of early literacy skills from kindergarten through third grade.

Letter Naming Phoneme Segmentation Nonsense Words (CVC) Oral reading fluency Sight Words 1 st Grade Reading Goal By the end of the first grade, 100% of students will demonstrate reading oral proficiency as measured by DIBELS 8th Edition

Benchmarks: Fall: 21 wpm Winter: 35 wpm Spring: 42 wpm Word Study: Words their Way A district adopted program that uses word study for phonics, vocabulary, and word patterns. Individualized word study groups Daily work on word pattern sorts Students will bring home word study words in their homework packets. This is to help practice the sounds & patterns each week. Students will be tested on Friday with some seen and

some unseen words. Writing How writing is facilitated: Write From the Beginning Journals

Sentence structure (length, complete/incomplete) Word Wall Use (sight words within writing) Grammar (punctuation, capitalization) Weekly Phonic/Sight word sentence test Written response to literature with evidence to support ideas 1 Grade Math Goal st By the end of first grade 100% of students will demonstrate proficiency of math standards by scoring proficient or highly proficient on the end of year DVMA benchmark test.

Math: Eureka Math First Quarter: Sums and differences to 20 . Using mental strategies and counting on Number bonds Second Quarter: Place value through addition and subtraction within 20 Counting on and making ten strategies Ordering and comparing length measurements as numbers

Third Quarter: Place Value, comparison, addition and subtraction to 40 Identifying, composing and partitioning shapes Fourth Quarter: Place Value, comparison, addition and subtraction to 100 Coins and their values Science Explorations will be Inquiry-Based Students will be exploring the following topics:

Inquiry Process People and Science Animals Plants Properties of Objects Motion Earth Materials Sky and Weather

Social Studies Students will explore topics in the areas of : American History World History Civics and Government Geography Economics

What Else Will We Be Doing This Year?? Specials S te m d n a , t r sic, A u M , x 2

/ PE Tentative Field Trips Childsplay Theater Phoenix Z oo Butterfly W onderland Science Ce nter Library

How can you support your student this year? Facilitate Responsibility - Hold students accountable for their own work. Make School a Priority- Make sure your child is at school on time and is here until dismissal time. Return Paperwork promptly Discuss behavior with students when

appropriate consistency between the classroom and home promotes accountability Complete your Volunteer Training early READ NIGHTLY WITH YOUR CHILD Supplies Needed Headphones (not earbuds or wireless) Spiral notebook Colored folders Homework

Homework folders are to brought back and forth to school everyday. Homework packets are due on Friday. Nightly Math homework Read each night Students will be tested each week on reading and writing their weekly sight words. Questions

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