What is Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS? - McGraw-Hill Connect Math

What is Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS? - McGraw-Hill Connect Math

Student Orientation to Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS Agenda 1 What is Connect Math Hosted by 2 ALEKS? Getting Started

3 Learning in Connect Math Hosted by 4 ALEKS Key Tips for Success 5 Registration and Resources 1

What is Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS? Hello and Welcome! This brief walkthrough is designed to help you become familiar with the Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS program and how it will be used in this class. It will also assist you with the registration process and direct you where to go for help. You will have regular, required assignments in ConnectMath, and you can expect to spend several hours a week working on them. Additionally, you have access to the adaptive SmartBook. Thank you, [Instructor Name] [School Name]

What is ConnectMath? Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS is an online homework system that also includes access to the adaptive SmartBook program. ConnectMath was developed by educators for educators and students. Its a simple, intuitive program that offers helpful easyto-use assignments and resources to help you learn and succeed in math. SmartBook is an adaptive reading and learning experience. It shows you what you need to study right when you need it most. It also includes review practice to make sure you dont forget important concepts. 2 Getting Started

Navigating Your Account You can access everything you need right from your home page, including: Assignments Gradebook Message Board Resources The eBook Course Calendar Customer Support Be sure to check out SmartBook! Tips for Getting Started

Here are few helpful tips to getting started: Check out the Calendar and take note of when upcoming assignments are due Click on Order Printed Version in the bottom, right corner to order a looseleaf version of your eBook at a significant discount.

Check out whats available under the Resources tab. Youll see helpful videos and more. Try SmartBook. Think of it as a useful study guide that can help you prepare for exams. 3 Learning in Connect Math Hosted by ALEKS

Learning in ConnectMath All of your past, current, and future assignments will be listed under the Assignments header. Click on the Start this Assignment button to begin working on one. Pay attention to the due date listed with each assignment! ConnectMath Assignments

The first time you open an assignment, youll get a quick tutorial on what it will look like and how to answer questions. Its worth it to go through the tutorial. Itll show you how to get help and how you can save it and come back later to finish! Resources in ConnectMath Click on the Resources tab. It includes extra practice, helpful videos, and study aids.

Dont forget about your eBook! You can highlight text, bookmark pages, make notes, and watch helpful videos. These resources and study aids exist to help you ace your class. Take advantage of them! SmartBook SmartBook is a new way to read, learn, and study. You can access SmartBook by clicking on the SmartBook button

from your Homepage. Take advantage of SmartBook. It will help you study more efficiently so you can get that A on your exam. Learning in SmartBook There are two phases in SmartBook: Read: Text highlighted in yellow is what you need to focus on. Text highlighted in green is what you have mastered. Practice: In this phase, youll

answer questions to see what you remember and what you need to review. SmartBook will let you know when its time to switch from Read to Practice. 4 Key Tips for Success Key Tips Dont procrastinate! Log in every day.

Dont wait until the last minute to meet a deadline it will be harder to catch up and you will end up having to do more work. Be sure to log in every day. Doing some work every day will get you to the finish line faster than trying to cram. Learn the System Read the textbook!

When you first log in, navigate around to learn where things are. Youll find some great resources to help you. Theres more to the book than just problems. It was written to help you learn, so take the time to read the content. 5 Registration and Resources

How to Register for Your ConnectMath Class Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Go to www.connectm ath.com and select Sign up now! Enter your

10-digit Course Code. Verify that you are enrolling in the correct course. Step 4 Enter your ConnectMath access code if you have one ready, or

purchase one now. Step 5 Complete the ConnectMath registration process if required. NOTE: If you are required to access ConnectMath through your Learning Management System (like Blackboard or Canvas), then your instructor may provide alternate instructions.

Help and Resources Find helpful resources, such as printable tutorials and how-to videos by visiting www.connectmath.com/training. Or select the Help button from within your account. Contact ConnectMath Technical Support: Email: http://support.connectmath.com Phone: 949-390-2095 Hours (Eastern Time): Monday through Thursday, 7am 1am Friday, 7am 9pm Sunday, 4pm 1am

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