What is Ozone?

What is Ozone?

OZONE DEPLETION Eric Lin, Cody Lu Natalie Qin, Silvia Shi The ozone layer is essential to organisms because it protects them from harmful effects of the sun. A major issue for our planet is the depletion of the ozone layer. Q. What is ozone depletion and how is it affecting our ecosystem?

WHAT IS OZONE? Ozone is a highly reactive gas composed of three oxygen atoms. There is only 3 molecules of ozone for every ten million molecules of air. WHAT IS THE OZONE LAYER? The ozone layer is a deep layer of invisible gas in the stratosphere, encircling the Earth, that has large amounts of ozone in it.

Where is the Ozone layer? WHAT IS OZONE DEPLETION? Due to human activity, the ozone layer is getting weaker, causing a hole to appear and ultraviolet rays to enter into the Earth. WHAT ARE ULTRAVIOLET (UV) RAYS?

U.V. rays are the most common and harmful rays that come to Earth from the sun. WHY DO WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE? They are an important effect of ozone depletion that has a variety of problems for living organisms associated with it. The Dobson Unit is the most common unit for measuring ozone concentration 100 Dobson units Least Amount of Ozone 500 Dobson units Most Amount

CAUSE OF OZONE DEPLETION Chlorofluorocarbons (CFC) - a chemical used to make refrigerators, home insulation, plastic foam, and throwaway food containers. Discovered in the 1930s by scientist Thomas Midgley. Non-toxic, non-flammable, and non-reactive with other chemical compounds. Made up of chlorine, fluoride, and carbon.

The Destruction of Ozone CFCs are transported to the stratosphere It is broken down by ultraviolet rays Releases chlorine, which then becomes part of the process that destroys ozone The ozone molecule is replaced by oxygen molecules The chlorine can deplete the ozone up to 100,000 times faster than unabated depletion Ozone-Oxygen Cycle

Free radicals, like chlorine , act as catalysts to the decomposition step (breaking down ozone) These catalysts speed up the reaction.

EFFECTS OF OZONE DEPLETION DISEASES - UV rays are the most common and harmful rays that come to Earth from the sun. ~ Causes skin cancer and kills the environment ~EPA estimates, by 2075, 60 million people will get skin cancer, 10 million of that population is expected to die. LIFE CYCLES (Introduction) - Disrupts flow of food chain because of decreased

reproduction. -Simple organisms could be wiped out resulting in biological disruptions for some species above them. PLANT LIFE 100 out of 200 plants are sensitive to ozone depletion. (50%) If food chains are disrupted, consumers wont have anything to feed on. OCEAN LIFE Plankton would be affected

(they wont be able to survive) Fish wouldnt have the nutrients they need. The fish will die out, and the secondary consumers wont have anything to feed on and they will eventually die out as well. SOLUTIONS THAT ADDRESS OZONE DEPLETION Dont use the air conditioner or use it less often. Open up windows.

Dont open the refrigerator for too long. Get only what you need, dont linger. Refrain from using aerosol cans. You can use paper towels to wipe off the dust. Fire extinguishers are essential, but to prevent using it, you can try to prevent fires from occurring. Dont use hairsprays. Montreal Protocol: an international agreement to discontinue products with harmful chemicals affecting the ozone layer and instead replace them for an ozone friendly brand. GOOD NEWS

The ozone layer should recover in fifty years if there are no further harmful effects. Bibliography

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