What is Public Relations? - American Legion

What is Public Relations? - American Legion

Public Relations How To Spread The Word Fred Rogers [email protected] - 972-977-9342 What are our Objectives? What is Public Relations?

How do we reach our audience? What is the role of the Post Public Relations Officer? What resources are available? What have we learned? What is Public Relations? It is about IMAGE. In the corporate world it is commonly known as Branding

What is the image of The American Legion in your community? How are you branded to your own members? We Must Understand Our Audience Internal: Our current and recently lapsed members Why include our recently lapsed members?

External: Everyone else Is targeting everyone else reasonable? How do we reach our targets? Effective Internal Communications Post meetings, Newsletters, mailings, phone calls, personal visits, emails, websites, social media, marquee/signage This is where you can affect your brand to

your members. What is it now? How can you know? How can you determine what your Posts brand will be? How do we reach our targets? Effective External Communication: Community Relations: Civic functions or meetings, community celebrations and festivals, youth sports opening/closing days Never underestimate the impact of just

being visible in your American Legion gear to your community Protect your brand! How do we reach our targets ? Effective External Communication: Media Relations: Establishing and maintaining a close working relationship with the media What are some of the challenges facing Posts in small communities? In large cities?

What Is The Role of the Post Public Relations Officer? Counsel What impact will Post decisions have on the community and the members Research - Identify and communicate information that will help the Post image Communications Both internal & external Promotion - Create positive branding

What resources are available? Ad slicks, clip art, message points, suggested speeches and letters to the editor are all available at: www.legion.org Public Relations Tool Kit [email protected]

The Internet Texas American Legion Press Association Your Members Ask the people who know Review

Public Relations is about Branding. Each member communicates our image in the community Positive or Negative Effective Public Relations can greatly help positively Brand your Post in your community The role of a Public Relations Officer Available Resources

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