What Ofsted say… - marriotts.herts.sch.uk

What Ofsted say… - marriotts.herts.sch.uk

Marriotts Extra 2018/19 Individua l Marriotts Extra 2018/19 What Ofsted say Weekly timetabled time allocation All students access high quality non-qualification activity or work experience relevant to their study programme

Students in the sixth form make an outstanding contribution to the life of the school and wider community Marriotts Extra If you thought you knew Marriotts, think again! The new Marriotts: why go anywhere else! Individual Advice & Guidance (IAG) Everything you want from a 6th former plus a little bit extra. You all have your own needs that are individual. Marriotts Extra aims to give each individual their specific requirements for their preferred future pathway.

WE WANT TO MAKE YOU STAND OUT! What would you rather be? What is Marriotts Extra? A bespoke programme which has been designed to develop specifically a range of life skills and the kind of cultural capital that enables learners to be more effective - as students, as citizens and as future or current employees. This will help prepare you for life in Modern Britain STAND OUT What is Marriotts Extra? You will receive Information, advice and guidance (IAG) work relating to Careers Education and access to

apprenticeships and Higher Education, notably the UCAS process; The purpose of M/E is to enrich the educational experience of sixth form students through a multi-faceted programme of curricular and extra-curricular activities that contribute to the Planned Learning Hours including: A visiting speaker programme; Weekly assemblies; A set of Life Skills modules focused on personal effectiveness, engaged citizenship and employability skills; A set of external placements, with local employers, charities, community groups and primary or special

schools; WORK EXPERIENCE A series of sixth form projects based around charitable endeavor, social and business enterprise programmes and event organization, into which students might opt; Peer-to-peer coaching that enables students to learn from each other in fields such as languages, dance and sport; A set of sports and fitness based opportunities that would make use of Marriotts outstanding sports facilities while enabling students to gain coaching experience (and possibly qualifications) across a range of sports, to secure sports leadership qualifications. What will I get from Marriotts Extra? Themes The Marriotts Extra programme might address a range of themes and could include:

Food, nutrition and cookery Car maintenance Driver awareness Ironing First Aid Working for a charity Running a campaign

Leaving home Interview skills Making applications Self-defense Apprenticeships applications British Values How to get a job Confidence workshops Team building

Public speaking Event planning Chairing meetings Effective letter writing Making effective and reasonable complaints Sign Language and non-verbal communication STDs

Drugs and Alcohol Personal Finance Public speaking Team work Debating Leadership UCAS Universities Student Responsibilities Trips Life Experience Sixth Form is more than grades We want all of your future applications to stand out from the crowd. There will be thousands of students in the same position as you applying for the same positions in 2020 What can give you the edge? We want to prepare you for life after school as much as possible

When will I work on Marriotts Extra? Marriotts Extra will mainly be part of your weekly timetable and nonnegotiable. Sessions will be mapped over the year with some to be completed on extended study days. Sessions will be regular instalments and sometime require you to do work outside of the session. Included in form time plans Required to do to complete 540 guided learning hours The Bit Extra This is what makes you different from every other 6th former in the country ! Marriotts Extra has been created especially for you. (IAG) Form Time Day

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Activiy Current affairs/Debate/Discussion Student Voice/Finance/Misc/In the news today British Values Assembly Marriotts Extra Session/IAG/Tutor Mentoring

Year 12 Individual University Campus Visits Positively Mad Wise Up UCAS Events Multiple Guest Speakers Life Skills Partnerships with Hertfordshire University Bedfordshire University Partnership Multiple Consortium Trips The Gambia Project & Charity Work British Values Workshops Regular Assemblies Personal Social Health Education Study Skills Healthy Living Workshops

Life After Sixth Form Preparation Cambridge University Trip International Football Matches Theatre Visits Museum Trips End Of Year Boat Party Ski Trip Water Sports Trip Annual Winter Wonderland Trip SUGGESTIONS WELCOME Contributions to the school with pay!

Job roles and descriptions: 8 Week cycle input Duties (break, lunch, playground, before/after school) to earn TOIL Highlight in book differently Reflection room assistant KS3 form time assistant On call assistant/admin Subject support, TA & SEND

Private study/study group mentor (year 13) Peer mentoring (liaise with NSE) Uni of Herts for a training programme and qualification Lonsdale liaison(s) Enrichment instructors/organisers ie. Teaching mandarin, sign language, debate club Head Boy/Girl & senior students Student voice, committee, form reps Tour guides & open evenings Social secretary (e.g. prom organisation & trips) Marketing (half-termly newsletter, post 16 student survival guide & promotional film) Other suggestions welcome 4 for bowling (optional) INDUCTION TASK REMINDER! Work Mobile No. 07738820742 Save it & Text Twitter @MarriottsP16

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