When Sodom Lived In Lot's Family

When Sodom Lived In Lot's Family

To download a copy of todays lesson go to TheGoodTeacher.com and click on Gospel Meetings What Is Behind the Trans-Gender Movement? TG Movement Spreading throughout our culture through entertainment, music, media, education, psychology, law, and churches

Facebook has 50+ gender options Bruce Jenner TG-ed in 2015 (Caitlyn) Obama administration lends their support to Jenner and the bathroom issue TG Movement

June is LGBT pride month If you oppose it, you are an insensitive hater, bigoted, etc.; you discriminate and dont support human equality, human rights, and equal justice If you support it you are trans-friendly; you are for inclusion, diversity, equality, and progress TG Movement

Both the RNC and DNC gave support to LGBT (Trans United for Hillary) Remember, you cannot change (trans) your gender (DNA chromosomes); you can only change your physical appearance (operations, hormones) Reality: TG are men posing as women; and women posing as men TG Vocabulary

LGBTQ = lesbian, gay, trans-gender, queer/questioning TG = transgender (formerly transvestite) GI = gender identity GD = gender dysphoria

GR = gender reassignment (sex change) Gods Order Male and female from the beginning of creation for identity and procreation (Gen. 1:27-28; Mt. 19:4; Mk. 10:6) Note there were also male and female animals (Gen. 6:19; Lev. 3:1; etc.) Note that no idol was to be made in the likeness of male or female (Deut.

4:16) Gods Order: Four Truths Mankind are separate from animals; not evolved (Gen. 1:27; 2:7, 21) Mankind are distinct: male and female; not the same (Gen. 1:28) Mankind are designed for marriage,

procreation, family (Gen. 2:18-24) Mankind produce after their kind: only male and female (Gen. 4:1-2; 5:1-2) Gods Order Male and female distinctions are to be kept separate (Deut. 22:5; 1 Cor. 11:14-15) Men are not to act effeminate

Cor. 6:9; Gr. malakos, soft) Mankind and womankind (Lev. 18:22) Man/he and woman/she (Gen. 2:22-23; 3:6; etc.) (1 Gods Order Husband and wives (1 Cor. 7:1-2;

5:22-28; Col. 3:18-19; 1 Pet. 3:1, 7) Eph. Father and mother (Gen. 2:24; Eph. 6:1-2; etc.) Sons and daughters (Gen. 5:4, 7, 10; Isa. 29:6; etc.) Boys and girls (Joel 3:3; Zech. 8:5)

Gods Order vs. Mans Chaos Order (Truth) Gender created Gender from birth Chaos (Lie) Gender evolved Gender is self-defined (social construct) Gender differences Gender roles by God Gender dissatisfaction comes from evil desires

Gender blurring Gender roles by man Gender dissatisfaction comes from normal desires Answering TG Arguments People are born this way. No, they are born a male (XY) or a female (XX). People choose a vile lifestyle (Eccl. 7:29). People go against nature (Rom. 1:2627).

They are living on the outside what they feel on the inside. No, they are following their evil lusts and passions (1 Cor. 10:16; Rom. 1:24, 26; 7:5; Eph. 2;3; Col. 3:5; Tit. 3:3; Jas. 1:13-15; 3:13-15; 1 Pet. 4:3). Answering TG Arguments Galatians 3:28 authorizes it. No, Paul is discussing ones united, spiritual blessing in Christ, not the removal of ones biological make-up (1 Cor. 12:13; Col. 3:11). Paul maintains these distinctions elsewhere: Jew and Greek (Rom. 1:16; 1 Cor. 10:32); bond and free (1 Cor. 7:21-22; Eph. 6:8); and, male and

female (1 Cor. 7:1-2; 11:7-12; 1 Tim. 2:12). What Is Behind the TG Movement? The undoing of all distinctions in order to live anyway we want (Num. 15:39; Deut. 12:8; Judg. 17:6; 21:25; Prov. 3:7; 12:15; 16:2; 21:2; 30:12; Isa. 5:21) LGBT today! Child parents, incest, pediphilia, rape, polygamy, bestiality in the future? What Is Behind the TG Movement?

Three things you will not hear from TG advocates: 1. Identical twins do not have the same desire to be TG 2. The high rate of suicide among TG 3. Young people with TG feelings no longer have those feelings later in life (70-80%) What Is Behind the TG Movement? Your family member could be influenced to make wrong choices (Prov. 1:10)

Your life (job, school, local church) could be altered by the ungodly laws (Acts 5:29) Your faith could be tested with persecution and you could die for the Lord (Rev. 2:10; 6:9; 11:7; 12:11, 17; 14:12; 20:4)

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