Windows Developer Day -

Windows Developer Day -

Windows Developer Day Fall Creators October 10, 2017 Update Modernize your existent desktop application Vladimir Postel Senior Program Manager | AppModel

Agenda Deployment challenges today Modernize your existent desktop application overview Windows Application Packaging Project Modernize your app with Windows Hello APIs and Notifications 3 Deployment challenges today User experience challenges Finding the right, trusted installer

Require admin privileges Staying up-to-date Doing a clean uninstall Software vendor challenges Maintaining installer tech Providing auto-updates DLL Hell & Winrot Trustworthy distribution Monetization/licensing 4 Modernize your desktop application

Accelerate bringing desktop solutions to the Windows Store and Universal overview Windows Platform Simplified and trusted deployment Clean and simple install/uninstall Updates delivered using differential packages No elevation/UAC Greater reach, easier monetization Windows Store reaches 400+ million users today Monetize using local payment methods Windows Store for Business for business customers

Modernizing and migrate to UWP Add UWP capabilities (Live Tiles, push notifications, inapp purchase) Add XAML UI, move away from monolithic solutions and migrate at your own pace 5 Modernized Applications Adobe Slack

Musixmatch Evernot e Magix Crystal Dew World CyberLink Corp

NET Foundation Kodi Arduino Spotify Music Cogmation Robotics

Mooii Tech Doubletwis t Rain Games Audible Packaging in VS - Before 7

Windows Application Packaging Project Be first class citizen in VS 2017 Package your Windows project into an .appx directly in VS for streamline deployment You can reference your existing projects such as: WPF, Winforms or MFC Leverage the advanced UWP tools such as: Packaging, Manifest editing and

Store association. 8 WAPPROJ Demo Packaging WPF Photo App in VS 9 Modernize your application Windows Hello APIs Get enterprise-grade security without having to type in a password

Notifications Keeps your users engaged with your app 10 Demo - Modernize Windows Hello and Notifications 11 Summary It is now really easy to package your existing desktop applications (WPF, Winforms and MFC) directly in Visual Studio, modernize with new Windows 10 features and distribute

via the Windows Store. References Docs: Samples: Learning: Call to action Modernize your application and submit it to the Windows Store! 12 Copyright Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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