Witnessing to Jews

Witnessing to Jews

Witnessing to Jews Ron Elkin AMMI Ministry Philadelphia, USA Topics to Cover Branches of Judaism Today Major Obstacles We Face in Sharing the Gospel with Jews. How to Respond to Major Jewish

Objections to Christianity. Branches of Judaism Orthodox Judaism Conservative Judaism Reform Judaism Orthodox Judaism Revelation Bible is God's Word.

So is the Oral Law. Creed Nothing quite like the Westminster Confession The Shema (Deut 6:4-5) God

Derived from Bible, but reject Trinity Orthodox Judaism Emphasis on Practice Law (as taught by Rabbis) is to be obeyed. Creation Good; to be enjoyed within

limits of Gods law Man Basically good; can become better by good deeds Eternal soul; eternal paradise for righteous Evil allowed to test human

character Orthodox Judaism Israel Elect; chosen to help establish God's rule & glorify Him Will one day live in peace in the Promised Land Messiah

Still to come, will bring in world peace, establish Israel Not Jesus! Not God! End Times There will be a resurrection of the dead. Humans will live eternally. Conservative Judaism Established as an alternative to Orthodox and Reform Judaism.

More adapted to Western and secular culture than are Orthodox Jews. Rabbis have less authority. Reform Judaism Maintains Jewish identity. Very liberal in theology

May or may not believe in God Feel no obligation to obey the Bible or Rabbinic tradition Major Obstacles to Gospel Persecution by the Church Many Jews killed & oppressed in name of Jesus Theological Differences with Christianity

God no Trinity God cannot be divided Major Obstacles to Gospel Theological Differences Jesus Not

the Messiah; didn't set up Kingdom God cannot be man. The Rabbis don't accept him. Sin Man is basically good, made in God's image. Righteousness is increased by good deeds. Our Responses

To the Major Objections of Jews to the Gospel Persecution of Jews Admit wrong done, express sorrow & regret. Explain prejudice as having source in our sin nature. Use this as a way to show that all are sinners (Ps 14:2; 51:5, 9) Trinity

Word "one" in Deut 6:4 is achad, a plural unity (Gen 2:24; 11:6), in which two or more things are combined into one. Another word, yachid, is used to mean "only one" (Gen 22:2). Jesus Jesus didn't being peace. Jesus brought inner peace to those who trust him. When he returns he will bring outward peace.

The Rabbis' two Messiahs (suffering & reigning) are actually one Jesus! God cannot be a man. Is anything impossible for God? Isa 7:14 Virgin will bear son, Immanuel. The Rabbis don't accept him. Some have. Would you believe if I showed you?

Sin & Salvation Sin nature Ps 14:2-3 no one does good, not even one Ps 51:5, 9 sinful at birth; blot out my iniquity Jer 17:9 heart is deceitful above all things Isa 6:5 woe to me unclean lips! Salvation by works?

No sacrifice for willful sins Num 15:30-31 David cried out to God for mercy Ps 51 Abraham declared righteous by faith Gen 15:6 Isaiah saved by God's mercy Isa 6:7 Forgiveness Sins were forgiven by a blood sacrifice Lev 17:11. Where is our atonement today?

Does God accept a bloodless sacrifice? Why did God allow the temple to be destroyed? 1st temple destroyed for 70 years Because of Israel's disobedience

2nd temple now destroyed for 1930+ years Destroyed only some 40 years after Jesus' death The Gospel in the Hebrew Bible All are sinners. Ps 14:2; Jer 17:9; Isa 6:5 Sins separate us from God.

Isa 59:2; Ex 34:33; Dan 12:2 Our good deeds are not enough. Isa 64:6 all our righteousness like filthy rags. The Gospel in the Hebrew Bible God gave a blood atonement. Lev 17:11; Ex 12:7, 13

God promised a Messiah to bear our sins. Isa 52:13-53:12 How do we know Jesus is the promised one? Micah 5:2; Dan 9:26; Zech 12:10; Psalm 22 The Gospel in the Hebrew Bible Salvation is by faith.

Gen 15:6; Isa 26:3-4; Ps 2:12 There is a life after death; where will you spend it? Dan 12:2 Major Messianic Verses Gen 3:12 wounded but will crush Satan Gen 49:10 from tribe of Judah 2 Sam 7:16 from line of David

Ps 2:12 trust/believe in Messiah Psalm 22 will suffer; deliverance to be worldwide news Psalm 110 Messiah to be a priest & king Major Messianic Verses Isa 7:14 born of a virgin Isa 9:6-7 boy who is God & king forever Isaiah 11 will bring peace to Jews & Gentiles Jer 23:5-6 a king who is God Zech 9:9-10 will enter Jerusalem on a donkey, yet rule all the earth one day

Major Messianic Verses Zech 12:10-13:1 Israel will see the one they have pierced and they will mourn. Mic 5:2 to be born in Bethlehem, yet active for ages past. The End May God encourage and empower you to reach out to your Jewish friends and acquaintances!

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