Word Document E-Portfolio

Word Document E-Portfolio

Introduction to Education E-Portfolio Word Document Example Link to Colleen McCabe Word Document Instructions Open a new word document and create a simple Table of Contents. Once completed, hyperlink the artifacts that you insert into pages following the Table of Contents as heading 2s. PowerPoint E-Portfolio Example ~ Health and Physical Education

Open PowerPoint Open new presentation Go to the tool bar and click on View, scroll down to Master and click on it. Go to tool bar and click on Insert. Click on new title slide. This New Title Slide Master will be your opening slide. Select background with a right click, select a background or insert a picture. Go back to slide edit format. Make the following slides

Table of Contents. Educational Philosophy. Wisconsin Teacher Standards a. Artifacts b. One per page. Reflections Web Page ~ Word format E-portfolio Example ~ Health & Physical Education Web Example Open Word

Click new to get options. Select Web pages. Select Web Wizard. Pick your format theme and build your own layout. Main Heading should be your name. Contents should be changed to read: Personal Information ~ insert a picture. Favorite Links ~ insert 3. Educational Philosophy ~ be brief. Favorite Projects ~ insert a Picture or other file or object.

Career Goals ~ 1 year, 5 year. Electronic Portfolio UWP Web Template 1. From UWP home page enter ~web to the URL. 2. In the menu click on UWP Web Templates. 3. Explore the many different design choices on the right hand column. Note the exact name of the one you would like to use.

4. In the left hand column click on the hyperlink, UWP Template. 5. Read the instructions in the first section. Note the text color and the significance. 6. Copy the html code starting at the first < all the way down to the last copy = control + c

7. From the Start icon go to Programs, to Accessories and then to Notepad. 8. In the new notepad paste the copied html code. Paste = control + v 9. Edit your web page by changing only the information that was red Saving the UWP Template When you are finished adding content you will click on file, and

scroll to save as. In the first line, name the page - index.html In the second line you need to save as type all files. Save it to your j-drive in your web work folder, I suggest calling it public_html folder. Every time you edit the source page from your j-drive you need to save and refresh to see the results. To see the web page that you have created you open your j-drive, go to the web folder, and like magic there it is

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