Word Stems List 18 - inetTeacher.com

Word Stems List 18 - inetTeacher.com

Word Stems List 18 1. atmo Definition- Vapor atmosphere mass of air around the earth (vapor plus sphere)

2. cardio Definition- Heart cardiology study of the heart and its diseases 3. cosmo

Definition- World or Universe cosmology branch of astronomy that deals with the origin and structure of the universe 4. counter

Definition- against counterclockwise in a direction against or opposite of the normal direction of clock hands 5. cranio Definition- Skull

craniology study of the size, shape and proportion of skulls. 6. cyclo Definition- circle encyclopedia course or circle of general education that

contains information on all branches of knowledge Bicycle, recycle, cyclone 7. gno Definition- know prognosis ( to know before) as in the

prospect of recovery from a disease Ignorant, ignore 8. oss Definition-bone ossify to make

(fy) or change into bone 9. xylo Definition-wood xylophagous feeding on wood xylography the art of

making engravings in wood 10. monger Definition- seller warmonger one who sells or urges war. One who attempts to stir up

war 11. sept Definition- seven September 7th month (9th month of the Gregorian calendar) septuagenerarian a person

who is in their 70s 12. xeno Definition - stranger xenophobia fear of strangers

13. vas Definition - vessel vascular relating to a channel for the movement of fluids such as blood.

14. fore Definition - front forehead the front of the head 15. -ish

Definition- like snobbish like a snobb foolish like a fool childish like a child 16. -less Definition - without hopeless without hope

meaningless without meaning worthless without worth careless without care 17. baro Definition - pressure

barometer intrument used to measure air pressure 18. ferro

Definition - iron ferroconcrete concrete reinforced with iron rods 19. quasi Definition - somewhat

quasi-military somewhat military quasi-public somewhat public 20. nesia

Definition - island Micronesian native of Micronesia (small island) 21. lepsy Definition- attack narcolepsy a condition

characterized by brief attacks of deep sleep 22. -let Definition - little piglet a little pig hamlet a little village

droplet a little drop of water 23. nano Definition- billionth nanosecond one billionth of a second

nanogram one billionth of a gram 24. pico Definition-trillionth picogram one trillionth of a gram

picosecond one trillionth of a second 25. ideo Definition- Idea ideogram picture or symbol that represents an idea (I love you.)


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