Word Study - Katy ISD

Word Study - Katy ISD

Word Study A Guide For Parents What is Word Study? Word Study is a conceptual way of thinking about how to read, understand, and spell words. It is a rich and rigorous way of thinking about words and how we use them. Word Study contains three critical components which are essential for students to become readers and writers. Word Study includes:

Phonics Spelling Vocabulary How Is Word Study Different From Traditional Spelling? Word Study not only includes learning to correctly spell words, it also gives students an opportunity to think more deeply about words and how they are put together. When students look at the parts of words

and what those parts mean, they are able to see relationships between words that are similarly spelled. For example, if I can spell top I can spell stop. How Is Word Study Different From Traditional Spelling? Students will still learn the rules of spelling and how to apply those rules as part of Word Study.

Word Study opens the students word world, while traditional spelling relies on memorizing words in isolation. What Does Word Study Look Like In The Classroom? Students will be engaged in building words, word sorts, word wall activities, word ladders,

and other activities that not only teach the rules of spelling but also support vocabulary development. Students work with a variety of words at different levels. Word Study supports differentiation. Word Study is a component of guided reading and writing instruction. We study words throughout the day. A Few Interesting Facts Word

Study helps students gain automaticity and fluency in the reading and writing of new words correctly. Adding a beginning letter or letters to the 37 most common word families allows students to spell and read 654 one syllable words. (Fry,1998) This is critical for our beginning readers. How Will Word Study Be Graded?

Students will be given an application level assessment every 4-5 weeks. The assessment is aligned to the Word Study instruction. Word Study assessments are a major grade, but they are only counted as a x1 grade. Grades for Word Study will be incorporated in the Language or Reading categories.

Grades 1-3 will be included in Language. Grades 4 & 5 will be included in Reading. Word Study Bank Word Study Banks will be available for students in grades 1-3. Word Study Banks are not spelling lists. They are examples of words based on the patterns used in the classroom. For example, if the spelling pattern is ad, below is a list of words that can be contained

in the Word Study Bank: sad, glad, had, dad Parent Resources Check out www.katyisd.org for many resources including - overview Word Study PowerPoint presentation - word banks (with the focus of the week and assessment dates) - letter tiles that can be printed to practice building words at home - research articles

Just click on the parent page and then the Word Study tab. Thank You! Thank you for being a partner in your childs education.

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