Workers' Compensation Program - California

Workers' Compensation Program - California

Workers Compensation Program BAM SECTION 1400 Objectives: Learn about Workers Compensation Understand the responsibilities of all the interested parties

Discuss the basic benefits Get resources and information about other training courses What is workers comp? Why do you care? 1401 General Information All employers in California, including

the state, must provide workers compensation benefits to employees who sustain a work related injury or illness. Labor Code 3700 General Information, cont. Need written policies for an injury and illness prevention program (IIPP)

Labor Code 6401.7 And a reporting system for job related injuries, illnesses or death 1402 Employees Responsibility Read and understand all materials provided Guide to Workers Compensation for New State of California Employees

Provided at hire and when claim filed Pre-designate personal physician in writing before injury occurs GUIDE TO WORKERS COMPENSATION Employees Responsibility Report all incidents to supervisor Get medical treatment if needed

Go to pre-designated provider or posted provider Report all absences and provide medical substantiation Notice to Employees 1403 Employers Responsibility

Post or provide forms Provide the workers comp claim form and notice of potential eligibility to employee within 1 day of knowledge Arrange for first medical treatment oThe posted MPN provider oPre-designated physician Employees

Claim Form 1403 ER Responsibility Complete the Employers 1st Report of Injury Send 1st report to SCIF in 5 days Provide all necessary forms and information oGuides (Workers Comp & MPN)

oIve just been injured on the job, what happens now? Guide to the MPN (e3851) 1404 Personnel Office Responsibility Give employee the Industrial Disability

Leave with Supplementation Information and Benefits Selection form (STD 618s) 15 days to decide to supplement Pay IDL timely after State Fund notifies you of the time Maintain good records Payroll Training

Workers Compensation: The Beginning Steps (2 days) Workers Compensation Documentation (3 days) [email protected] 916-322-0683 1-800-735-2929 (TTY) 1405 State Funds

Responsibility Case management

Investigation Liability decisions Benefit delivery MPN network Legal representation 1406 BENEFIT$

Medical Temporary Disability Permanent Disability Supplemental Job Displacement Death

Temporary Disability Payments for lost wages Everyone serves a 3 day waiting period unless disabled > 14 days, hospitalized or victim of assault ATO on DOI Temporary Disability (TD)

Paid by State Fund every 14 days Limited to 104 compensable weeks

2/3 of average weekly wage 2017 Maximum is $1172.57 2017 Minimum is $175.88 PML 2004-026 Industrial Disability Leave (IDL) Paid in lieu of TD to CalPERS and CalSTRS members

Based on current wages No maximum or minimum First 22 working days = full net salary Then 2/3 gross salary PML 2002-060 and PML 2014-025 Enhanced IDL (EIDL) Check bargaining unit contract for specific classes and conditions

Subject to the departments appointing power or designee Continuation of IDL Full net salary for up to 3 years 4800 and 4800.5 Time

Department of Justice Officers Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Wardens CHP officers Full GROSS salary for up to one year More to Learn The Life of a

Workers Compensation Claim 6 hours long!! oApril 3 oMay 1 Permanent Disability

Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit Death 1407 Forms and Brochures Link from BAM to State Fund and

CalHR Workers Compensation Program Ask your Return to Work Coordinator Ask US!! [email protected] Did you: Learn about Workers Compensation?

Understand the responsibilities of all the interested parties? Discuss the basic benefits? Get resources and information about other training courses?

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