Working Group 6 - Federal Communications Commission | The ...

Working Group 6 - Federal Communications Commission | The ...

Working Group 6: Secure Hardware and Software Security by Design Status Update September 21, 2015 Joel Molinoff, Co-Chair (CBS) Brian Scarpelli, Co-Chair (Telecommunications Industry Association) WG 6 Objectives Develop voluntary recommendations and best practices to enhance the security of hardware and software in the core public communications network Develop voluntary mechanisms to demonstrate success of recommendations/best practices 2 WG 6 Deliverables March 2016 Security best practices recommendations September 2016 Recommend voluntary attestation framework 3 FN Joel

Brian Peter Jon James Kevin Al Jon Chris Jamie Rob Brian Mike Alex Steve Kazu Stacy Franck Masato Darren Ethan WG 6 Members LN Molinoff Scarpelli Allor Amis

Bean Beaudry Bolivar Boyens Boyer Brown Covolo Daly Geller Gerdenitsch Goeringer Gomi Hartman Journoud Kimura Kress Lucarelli Org CBS* (WG 6 co-chair) TIA* (WG 6 co-chair) IBM Dell Juniper Networks Charter* Verisign* NIST AT&T*

CA Technologies CenturyLink* AT&T (ATIS)* Cisco (ATIS)* EchoStar* Cable Labs NTT America CenturyLink* Oracle NTT America T-Mobile* Iridium* (Wiley Rein) FN Steven Emily LN McKinnon Talaga FN Jennifer Gabriel Robert Heath Eli Angela Tomofumi

Richard Jeff Glen Kallol Chris Michelle Peter Dorothy Matt Rao Joe Eric Shinichi LN Org Manner Echostar* Martinez DHS Mayer US Telecom Association* McGinnis Verizon* Dourado Mercatus Center (GMU) McKay Microsoft

Okubo Verisign* Perlotto Shadow Server Greene Symantec Pirrotta Comcast Cable* Ray Comcast Cable* Roosenraad TWC* Rosenthal T-Mobile* Ruffo ZTE USA Spears-Dean NASNA* Tooley NCTA* Vasireddy Alcatel-Lucent (TIA)* Viens TWC* Wenger Cisco Yokohama NTT America Org FCC liaison FCC liaison

* Also a CSRIC member 4 Background Recognizing the advantages of building security in to hardware and software (rather than retrofitting), FCC has urged industry to examine security by design practices for core network equipment Examined by FCC Technological Advisory Council (TAC) in 2014 CSRIC IVs WG 4 Final Report, Cybersecurity Risk Management and Best Practices, provides baseline/model for approach 5 WG6 Status WG 6 held a kickoff conference call on 9/16/15 Roster reflects a healthy and diverse stakeholder community invested and interested in hardware/software security by design WG 6 has agreed to a three-phased approach to the development of WG 6 deliverables WG 6 has formed a subgroup to address objectives, scope and methodology for 1st deliverable 6

WG 6 Schedule PHASE 1: Define Objectives, Scope, & Methodology PHASE 2: Analysis & Determine Findings PHASE 3: Conclusions & Recommendations : Deliverable Adopted by Full CSRIC 5 7 Next Steps Build/finalize WG 6 membership Continue to develop a work plan to accomplish the CSRIC V charge, taking advantage of WG 6 members subject matter expertise Seek WG 6 volunteers to lead aspects of the work plan Continue bi-weekly conference calls Provide periodic status updates to Steering Committee and Council 8

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