Working Group 8 : Priority Services - The United States of ...

Working Group 8 : Priority Services - The United States of ...

Working Group 8 : Priority Services CSRIC V Meeting June 22, 2016 Thomas Anderson, Co-Chair (Cisco) Bill Reidway, Co-Chair (Neustar) WG8 Objectives Working Group Description: WG 8 will assess how priority services programs can take advantage of packet-based technologies and recommend protocols that can be used to ensure priority communications upon retirement of TDM. Deliverables: Define and describe the services that should be included in a new nextgeneration government priority communications platform. 2 WG8 Deliverables List of use cases and support requirements for when priority access is needed due to network congestion or outages Proof-of-Concept / Architecture Requirements white paper, including: How a next-gen Priority Services framework will address authentication, authorization, privacy, eligibility and security. Evaluation of barriers, both administrative and technical (E.g. How to authenticate and what is the appropriate access control mechanism?) Definition of capabilities for domestic and international access and termination Description of potential ordering, billing and provisioning options for the next generation priority service. Outline of network management best practices needed to enable priority services for NS/EP personnel. 3 WG8 Members Thomas Anderson (Co-chair / Cisco) Bill Reidway (Co-chair / Neustar)

Greg Schumacher (Sprint) Natalie Baker (Intrado) Chris Oberg (Verizon) Zachary Johnson (DHS) Brian Allen (TWC) Jason Weil (TWC) John Brzozowski (Comcast) Lynette Van Someren (Comcast) Martin Dolly (AT&T/ATIS) Keylor Eng (AT&T) Bill Mertka (Motorola/ATIS) Stacy Hartment (CenturyLink) Kathryn Condello (CenturyLink) Matt Tooley (NCTA) Kevin Beaudry (Charter) Ingrid Caples (HHS) Joanne Sechrest (DHS) Rob Dew (DHS) Tim Perrier (FCC Liaison) Ken Burnley (FCC Liaison) 4 WG8 Status Update CSRIC V WG 8 Regular Meetings CSRIC V WG 8 Special Sessions 11/10/15: Initial Kick-off meeting held 10/29/15: Co-chairs announced during regular CSRIC meeting

Regular Meetings: 11/18/15: Co-chair briefing held with RADM Simpson (Chief of FCC PSHSB) regarding scope and direction 03/18/16 05/13/16 04/01/16 05/27/16 01/04/16: In person WG briefing held with RADM Simpson 04/15/16 06/10/16

04/29/16 01/13/16: Conference Call briefing held with DHS Office of Emergency Communications 03/14/16: FCC TAC NG Internet Working Group Briefing 05/22/16: CSRIC WG Briefing to Priority Services Users Pending: FirstNet Briefing 03/15/16: Face-to-face Working Session 06/08/16: Face-to-face Working Session CSRIC V WG 8 Report Schedule End Q1 2016: Use Case / Scope document complete June 30 2016: Submission of Draft WG8 Report 1 Sept 30 2016: Submission of Draft WG8 Report 2 December 16 2016: Submission of Final WG8 1 Report March 31 2017: Submission of Final WG8 Report 2

5 Priority Service Framework Voice Identity Messaging / Social Media Priority Video Geography IoT Back Office Application Factors Assuming a multimedia approach Prioritization within authorized users across services User Factors: Establishing a common authentication framework Accommodating dynamic priority assignment

Domestic / International ingress Provisioning, ordering, billing Network Factors Identifying potential weak links in QoS, security, & resiliency Assume managed / unmanaged & public / private hybrid scenarios 6 DRAFT Report #1 Outline Executive Summary, Scope, & Objectives Background / Foundational Items Governing Policy Existing PS Services / Platforms User Trends NSTAC Findings CSRIC II FirstNet Alignment

Analysis, Findings, Recommendations Summary of Recommendations Governance User Factors Key missions User Experience & Expectations Precedence / Dynamic Prioritization Parity w/commercially available applications Authentication & session initiation Education, testing, & training Application Factors Application Prioritization Server-side requirements 3rd Party Content delivery Analysis, Findings, & Recommendations, cont.

Network Factors QCI Characteristics / QoS Factors Registration Authentication / Authorization Security Anti-spoofing considerations Legal Intercept considerations Conclusions References Appendices ** Red sections: Under development 7 Next Steps Continue regular and ad-hoc WG meetings & external briefings Finalize and distribute draft content for 06/30/16 First Report to full council Establish priorities / assignments for 2H 2016 Provide periodic status updates to Steering Committee and Council 8

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