Working with Cinematic Techniques: Part 1

Working with Cinematic Techniques: Part 1

WORKING WITH CINEMATIC TECHNIQUES: You need: Binder Have your vocab flash cards out on your desk. Purpose Identify cinematic techniques and explain the effects in visual

texts. Cinematic Techniques This handout is precious and must be kept safely in your binder behind HANDOUTS throughout this unit. You may take notes on this sheet

as we walk through the definition and effects of each technique. Cinematic Techniques The methods a director uses to communicate meaning and to evoke particular emotional responses in viewers Shots and Framing Shot:

a single piece of film uninterrupted by cuts Uninterrupted ot from Goodfellas. (first 30-60 seconds is plenty)

sh ESTABLISHING SHOT - Often a long shot or a series of shots that sets the scene; it used to establish setting and to show transitions between locations From the TV Show Seinfeld LONG SHOT

a shot from some distance. If filming a person, the full body is shown. It may show the isolation or vulnerability of the character MEDIUM SHOT (MS) The most common shot. The camera seems to be a medium distance from the object being filmed. A medium shot shows the person from the waist up. The effect is to ground the story. Close Up (CU) : the image

takes up at least 80% of the frame Extreme Close Up: The image being shot is a part of a whole, such as an eye or hand. Two Shot: -A scene between two people shot exclusively from an angle that includes both characters

more or less equally. -It is used in love scenes where Two Shot in Twilight interaction between the two characters is

important. Camera Angles Eye Level: A shot taken from a normal height; that is, the characters eye level.

90-95% of the shots seen are eye level, because it is the most natural angle. High Angle: - the camera is above the subject. -This usually has the effect of making the subject

look smaller than normal, giving him or her the appearance of being weak, powerless, and trapped. Low Angle: -the camera films subject from below. -This usually has

the effect of making the subject look larger than normal, and therefore Inconceivable!! strong, powerful, and threatening.

Camera Movements Now, read from your handout Pan Tilt Zoom Dolly/Tracking Boom/Crane Very Quick video on Camera Angles and Movements

Dolly/Tracking High Key: Flooded with light. Creates a bright and openlooking scene. Low Key: flooded with shadows and darkness. Creates suspense or suspicion. Well, the Prince and Count always insist on everyone being healthy before they're

broken. Lighting Bottom or Side Lighting: appear dangerous or evil Front or Back Lighting: appearance of innocence, goodness, halo effect. More Lighting

Better example of Bottom or Side Lighting direct lighting from below or the side, which often makes the subject appear dangerous or evil From the movie The Blair Witch Project example of Back Lighting From the movie The Princess and the Frog Another

example of backlighting Death cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while. Editing Techniques: Read from your handout Cut Fade [time has passed or end of scene] Dissolve [creates a connection between images] Wipe

Flashback Shot-Reverse-Shot [conversation or reaction] Cross Cutting [can create tension or suspense] Eye-Line Match [reveal a characters thoughts] Sound Diegetic Non-Diegetic [designed for audience

reaction only; e.g. ominous music to foreshadow an event] Identify the diegetic and nondiegetic sounds in this film clip. Identify! Each 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6. student will be assigned a number/category shots/framing camera angles camera movements lighting editing music/sound Quickly

review your category. Watch the Pixar Short film and identify as many of your Cinematic Technique as you can find. Write your answers on your own paper. What effect did your technique create? Another Pixar short film (time permitting)

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