WWI Propaganda - Social Studies with Miss Daniel

WWI Propaganda - Social Studies with Miss Daniel

WWI Propaganda Propaganda Advertising attempts to sell products Propaganda attempts to sell ideas Who created WWI propaganda? President Wilson created the Committee on Public Information

to mobilize public support for the war The CPI was headed by muckraking journalist George Creel The CPI launched a massive poster campaign They also urged filmmakers to make movies that played up

German war crimes War Bonds War bonds generated $$$ for the government during WWI. How war bonds worked: Citizens bought war bonds The $$$ went to the government

The government repaid the bonds when the war was over (plus interest) Types of Propaganda 1. Assertion: An assertion is an enthusiastic or energetic statement presented as a fact, although it is not necessarily true. It should merely be accepted without question.

2. Bandwagon: an appeal to the subject to follow the crowd, to join in because others are doing so as well. Types of Propaganda 3. Card Stacking: It involves only presenting information that is positive to an idea or proposal and omitting information contrary to it.

4. Glittering Generalities: Glittering generalities are words that have different positive meaning for individual subjects, but are linked to highly valued concepts. Types of Propaganda 5. Lesser of Two Evils: The "lesser of two evils" technique tries to convince us of an idea or proposal by presenting it as

the least offensive option. 6. Name Calling: It is the use of derogatory language or words that carry a negative connotation when describing an enemy. Types of Propaganda 7. Pinpointing the Enemy: This is an attempt to

simplify a complex situation by presenting one specific group or person as the enemy. 8. Plain Folks: The plain folks device is

an attempt to convince the public that his views reflect those of the common person and that they are also working for the benefit of the common person.

Types of Propaganda 9. Simplification (Stereotyping): It reduces a complex situation to a clearcut choice involving good and evil. 10. Testimonials: Testimonials are quotations or endorsements which attempt to connect a famous or respectable person with a product or item.

Types of Propaganda 11. Transfer: It is an attempt to make people view a certain item in the same way as they view another item, to link the two in the subjects mind. 1. What idea is the CPI (Committee on

Public Information) selling? 2. What propaganda technique does the CPI use?

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