The Great Lakes By James And Green Table of contents Slide 1: Introduction Slide 2: Lake Superior Slide 3: Lake Huron Slide 4: Lake Erie Slide 5:Lake Ontario Slide 6: Map Slide 7:The location of the great lakes Slide 8: How are all the lakes connected? Slide 9: How it all connects to the ocean?

Slide 10: Why they are a wonder? Slide 10: The factoid section Introduction There are five great lakes in the world; Lake Superior, Huron, Erie, Octaria, and finally, Lake Michigan*. The great lakes are located in North America and are in many folktales of the centuries. The great lakes are the biggest freshwater lakes in the world and lead to many rivers in North America. These lakes have originated when the glaciers retreated in the last ice age and the ice melted, creating the five lakes. Humans began settling on the lakes making it their home. *For Lake Michigan, we will count this lake in the

section Huron, as they both are connected. Lake Superior This superior lake is by far the biggest and deepest of all of the five lakes. This is in the most North-west part of the great lake territory. About two hundred rivers are connected to this lake. The average depth of the water is 1,333 feet, while it has a surface area of 31,700 feet. This titanous lake holds about 2,900 cubic feet of water. The first person to explore the deepest part of Lake Superior was J. Val Klump, where this high dreamer reached his goal on July 30, 1985. The deepest part of the lake was about 39 degrees fahrenheit. This lake was formed about 4.5 billion years ago, but people first found it ten thousand years ago when they retreated from the ice age.They were

called the plano and hunted and fished near the lake. Afterward, the lake became a great source of food and was home to many tribes over the years. Lake Huron This is the second biggest of the great lakes. It has a surface area of 23,007 square miles. This lake is actually consists of two different lakes; Michigan and Huron. This lake has many trees (many from 4 thousands years ago) around it and has been very developed by people. This lake has the longest shoreline from the 3 other lakes. This lake has about thirty thousand islands on its water. This lake has many wonderful stone structures along its shores. This lake first started out about a hundred meters under the amount of water we have today. This is in the middle of the five lakes. This lake is home to more than a thousand shipwrecks, some of which are in the Marine park,

located by the lake. Lake Ontario This is the closest lake to the ocean, and is connected to Niagara Falls. It is 193 miles long and has a width of 53 miles. A rare fish was found but was nearly went to extinction. Because of its great surface area, the lake as a whole never freezes entirely in winter, but an ice sheet covers between 10% and 90% of the lake area typically develops during a typical winter. Lake Ontario is important for its diversity of birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, and plants. The temperature of this lake is affected by the winds. This lake is fourteenth place in the largest of the lakes. Lake Erie

This lake has the warmest water and is the smallest lake from its surrounding relatives. This lake is about 210 feet deep,241 miles long, and this was named for the people who lived there. This lake is also the border between Canada. This lake is also connected to the Niagara river, which leads to the Niagara falls. This lake has many fish in it, so therefore, is very crowded with fishing and other underwater activities. This lake has a highest temperature of being 86 degrees. There are 31 islands in this lake and also is about four thousand years old in its current state. This was first settled by Native Americans and later developed by European explorers. The red line represents the border of canida and you can see this red line on all

the lakes are on all of the lakes, except for Michigan. Map This is the place the two lakes (Michigan and Huron connect at.) This is the place Niagara

falls is located. Location of the great lakes All the great lakes except of Michigan are on the borderline of America and Canada. The lake closest to the ocean is Lake Ontario and is also the smallest of the lakes. Lake Erie is the lowest of the lakes and is the second smallest and also the second closest to the ocean. Lake huron is in the middle of the great lakes and is the second biggest. It is the only one that connects three lakes. Lake michigan is the only one that connects only to one other of the great lakes. Lake superior is the largest of the lakes and is the most upper-most of the lakes and is the furthest from the water. How the lakes are all connected?

This river connects river Huron to Lake Erie. This connects lake Superior to lake Huron. This river connects Lake Erie to lake Ontario This connected lake

lake huron to lake Michigan. Every lake is connected to each other throughout the different rivers. This is Isle Royale, that has five lakes in it. How are they connected to the ocean?

This is how lake Ontario connects to the Atlantic ocean. All of this is located on the border between Canada. Black line = border Why are the Great Lakes a wonder? For us, the Great Lakes are a wonder because they has been around for thousands of years. They are the memorial of the previous ice age, from which they were made. These lakes supply us with fresh water and are home to many animals and plants. They are the biggest lakes in the world. Humans need to conserve the power of the Lakes.

The Factoid Section All of the four other Great Lakes, incluing three more the size of Lake Erie, could fit inside of Lake Superior.

Isle Royale is a massive island surrounded by Lake Superior, and within this island are several smaller lakes. Lake Superior contains 3 quadrillion gallons of water, and all five of the Great Lakes combined contain 6 quadrillion gallons. Contained within Lake Superior is a 10% of the world's fresh surface water. It's estimated there are about 100 million lake trout in Lake Superior. There is believed to be a 30- to 40-foot-long "monster" in Lake Erie named Bessie. Water in Lake Erie could replace itself in only 2.6 years. During the War of 1812, the U.S. beat the British in a naval battle called the Battle of Lake Erie. The shoreline of all the Great Lakes combined equals nearly 44% of the circumference of the planet. Other Links

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mWkeLN0kuAjDJWq5VIDylaxnine9PUjDKG W4zf2NomY/edit https://www.powtoon.com/html5-studio/#/edit/cC6qXGVcOpq* *Will not work** **Or should not.

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