COMPUTING-RELATED MAJORS SESSION COMPUTING RELATED MAJORS Applied & Computational Mathematical Sciences Computer Science & Engineering Human Centered Design & Engineering Informatics

ROADMAP Highlight of computing-related majors + overview of admissions Student Panel Q&A FLUIDITY BETWEEN MAJORS Many majors have overlapping content

Any UW student can gain a strong technical background by taking courses offered to all majors Keep an open mind and consider multiple majors COMPUTING-RELATED MAJORS

APPLIED & COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES (ACMS) Multidisciplinary program that combines math, applied math, computer science and statistics Several different tracks including: data sciences and statistics, mathematical economics, discrete math and algorithms, social and behavioral sciences, biological

and life sciences What do ACMS Majors Do? Business & Industry Business Consultant Engineering Software Developer Environmental Research Aerospace Financial Analyst Software Marketing Government Agencies Graduate Study

Epidemiology Actuary Applied Mathematics Computer Science Physics Engineering Biomedical Informatics TRANSFER ADMISSIONS Autumn and Spring Quarters Prereqs: Equivalents of Math 124/125/126, one of: Math 307/308 or AMATH 351/352, CSE 142/143

All transfer credits need to be sent to the UW and need to be evaluated prior to applying to major. Highly recommended that students take at least one course that applies towards the specific degree option in the quarter theyre applying. COMPUTER SCIENCE & ENGINEERING Using computing to develop solutions to societys biggest challenges, and improve peoples everyday

lives Combine mathematical theory, scientific inquiry, creativity, and hands-on invention Examples of courses include: artificial intelligence, virtual reality, programming languages, software engineering and data visualization OPPORTUNITIES FOR CSE STUDENTS Internships

Research Teaching Assistantships Leadership Opportunities Community Outreach Study Abroad

WHERE DO CSE STUDENTS GO? Everywhere else! ALLEN SCHOOL TRANSFER ADMISSIONS Priority given to students who: Are transferring from a Washington State Community College

Have about 90 quarter credits Are academically prepared for their major ALLEN SCHOOL TRANSFER ADMISSIONS > MATH 124, 125, 126 (Calculus series) > CSE 142, 143 (Introduction to programming) > 5 credits of English Composition Computer Science Computer Engineering

> PHYS 121, CHEM 142, > PHYS 121 (Physics BIOL 180 OR a science mechanics) course from the approved list *Must have your prerequisites done by the time youd enter UW (if admitted)

ALLEN SCHOOL TRANSFER ADMISSIONS Considered for admission if: Apply for Fall or Spring* quarters List CS or CE as their first choice major Plan to have their prerequisites done by the time they enter UW (if admitted) Transfer applicants must apply to UW Admissions, not to CSE.

HUMAN CENTERED DESIGN & ENGINEERING Combines technology, design, and social science to understand human needs and interests while researching, designing, and building interactions between people and technology Courses include: user research and usability studies, visual communication, interactive


Autumn and Spring Quarters 10 credits from: MATH 120, 124, 125, 126 CSE 142 or CSE 160 One course from: STAT 220, STAT 221, STAT 311, or IND E 315 Two courses from: CHEM 142, 152, 162, PHYS 114, 115,

116, 121, 122, 123, BIOL 118, 180, 200, PSYCH 202 5 credits of English Composition HCDE INTRO COURSES > HCDE 210: Explorations in human centered design including user research, ideation, interactive design, visualization, prototyping, and usability. Highly recommended for HCDE admission

INFORMATICS Draws upon areas such as computer science, information science, sociology, psychology, design and information management Courses include: mobile app development, information architecture, information assurance & cybersecurity, and visual

information design INFORMATICS The science of human-centered Information processing: How do we create information How do we store, manage and protect it How do we find it when we need it How do we share and manipulate it? How do we make it work more us than we work for it

Degree Options Human-Computer Interaction Information Architecture Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Data Science TRANSFER ADMISSIONS Prereqs: Equivalents of CSE 142, English Composition, an Individuals & Societies course, and Statistics

INFO 200 is a prereq only for currently enrolled UW students We accept STAT 220 for CC students Unofficial Transcripts Admissions document 8.5 x 11 pdf, 3MB Max file size Any static content fine: Traditional essay, info graphic, etc.

OPPORTUNITIES FOR INFO STUDENTS Scholarships Career Advising Mentorship Program

Student Orgs: IUGA, Winfo, iEquity, ISACA, SUDO, Research: VSD, DataLab, Gamer, TASCHA, MADLab Exploration Seminars: India, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Korea, Tahiti WHERE DO INFO STUDENTS END UP?

And many more! INFORMATICS COURSES Info 200: Broad overview of fields of study in Informatics, such as data science, human-computer interaction, information assurance & cyber security. Prerequisite for Informatics admission Info 201: Project based class that introduces students to

fundamental information technologies and processes with the intent of structuring data info useful information for organizations PANELISTS Levi Davis, ACMS/BIOEN (Bellevue College) Ben Hsu, Allen School (Seattle Central College) Kairi Hye, Informatics (Bellevue College)

Ian Russell, HCDE (Pierce College) QUESTIONS? CONTACT INFORMATION Applied & Computational Mathematical Sciences [email protected] Computer Science & Engineering

[email protected] Human Centered Design & Engineering [email protected] Informatics [email protected]

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