'The Illustrated Man'

'The Illustrated Man'

The Illustrated Man Ray Bradbury Predictions? Look at the book. What do you think it may be about? Context

Ray Bradbury was an American fantasy and horror author who, although he is often categorised as a science fiction writer, actually rejected this label claiming that his work was based on the fantastical and unreal. His best known novel is Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian

study of a future American society in which critical thought is outlawed. The Illustrated Man First published in1951, this is a fantastic collection of short

stories that explore the darker aspects of the human condition. They are mostly horror, fantasy and science fiction. Framing The collection of eighteen tales are framed by a prologue and an epilogue

constructed round the actual character of the illustrated man. This character is an unfortunate man who thought it would be a good idea to get his body covered with tattoos. He lived to regret this, so be warned! The tattoos move around and each tell a separate story. These stories are recounted by the unnamed narrator, who uses a 1st person narrative point of view to describe his encounter with the tattooed man. The framing of the short stories by this device gives the stories a cohesion and continuity that they would otherwise lack. It is very clever.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYafRSWNFew https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ia7hgaOTyPw Prologue What is a prologue? It is a preamble that often sets the tone before the proper story. Individually: Write a brief summary of what happens.

What impression do you get of the illustrated man? What is he like? Give a quotation to back this up. Look at the top of page 3. What do you notice about the sentences structure here? Why do you think it is like this? Key techniques Sentence structure- long sentences often used to build up a particular impression. In this example, you get a real sense of the

endless universe etched on to this strange mans skin: a constellation of freckles. Story 1: The Veld Initial questions What happens in this story? Who are the main characters and what are they like? Try to come up with some quotations to

back up what you say. Do the names of the children remind you of any other famous characters from literature? Irony The expression of ones meaning by using language that normally signifies the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect:Dont go overboard with the gratitude, A state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what

one expects and is often wryly amusing as a result:the irony is that I thought he could help Dramatic or tragic irony) A literary technique, originally used in Greek tragedy, by which the full significance of a characters words or actions is clear to the audience or reader although unknown to the character. It is ironic that a couple of spoilt brats, who could murder their parents, are named Peter

and Wendy. Is there anything ironic about Happy-house home? Learning Intention To develop ability to identify and analyse key techniques used by authors

What do you think? What do you think about the children and the way they behave? Write a paragraph on what they are like and back this up with evidence (look at page 13 to help you with this). What do you think the theme of the story might be? *Theme- The central idea that is explored by a writer

Peter and Wendy seem to have all the power in the house. The normal roles are reversed: Were full of strawberry ice cream and hot dogs, said the children holding hands. But well sit and watch. The parents should be in control, but the children tell them what they will do. It is also ironic that they are described as having cheeks like peppermint candy and are holding hands so sweetly when they are such horrible children. The connotations of peppermint candy are pleasant but the kids are not.

Theme Bradbury is critical of modern technology, which in this dystopian world, has come to replace normal, loving human interactions. He suggests that this can lead to a isolated and fractured existence. Textual Analysis This is an important skill in English: essentially it is where you identify techniques used by

the author and write about the effect n the reader. Can you remember any literary techniques used by writers? Sentence length- short sentences for dramatic impact; long sentences to develop ideas and pile on images Repetition- to emphasise words and ideas Imagery The use of words to create pictures or images for the reader. Connotation The implication or suggestion attached to a word or phrase. Personification- the giving of human qualities/characteristics to something that is not human

Foreshadowing -a dramatic device in which an important plot point is mentioned earlier in the story to return later in a significant way. Your turn Can you find an example of personification on page 7? Foreshadowing (p 14, 15) Repetition (11) Short sentences (lots- 11, 13)

Kaleidoscope Textual analysis 1. Where is the story set? 2. Find two similes on the first page? Quote and explain why they are effective. 3. In three sentences, explain what happens in the story? 4. Look at p 24 and 25. The author uses repetition. What word is repeated and why?

5. What does Applegate think about the captain? Why does he say this now? 6. How does Hollis feel about his situation? Why? 7. Why is this a good title for the story? 1. Space 2. Men were thrown into space like a dozen wriggling silverfisheffective because they would be silver in their space suits and they have as much power as tiny insects. They fell as pebbles fall down a well.-as above, they would be falling into a deep unknown world. They have as much power (agency)as pebbles.

3. The rocket exploded while the men were in space suits, and they are floating through space to certain death. They let out their real feelings about each other because it is the end and there will never be any consequences. 4. Falling- the verb emphasises the continuing action that is occurring. 5. He does not like him and tells him because he cannot exercise any power over him now: his rank is meaningless.

6. He is philosophical. There is nothing he can do and he looks back on his life and comes to terms with his past. 7. They are spinning in random directions and making new patterns. Their purpose, as one functioning crew, the pattern, is fragmenting and disintegrating. Stone also says the meteor shower is, like a big kaleidoscope. He has a beautiful death, as does Hollis. Theme What do you think the theme might be?

That the human spirit is a beautiful and wonderful thing. Even in horrific circumstances we can make the world a positive place. The future is built upon the sacrifices of the past. The Other Foot What do you think the title means? It is an English idiom-the full saying is the boot is on the other foot- which means that a situation is now

the opposite of what it was before, often because a person who was in a weak position is now in a strong position. What do you think it might be about? Questions Where is it set? What is the narrative point of view? Narrative point of view is the position of the narrator in relation to

the story being told (1st person, 3rd person, omniscient (all knowing) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sOVMM60Sm2c How does Willie feel about the arrival of the white men? Why does he feel like that? Can you understand why he feels like that? Do you sympathise with him? Why does he change his mind? Learning Intention

To develop your understanding and appreciation of the short story form Non-fiction article for Wed 24th Structure Structure is really important in short stories. Short stories are created around a key incident (conflict). For The Other Foot, make notes under the subheadings from the graph.

You should also identify what the key incident and conflict is in the story. The Other Foot Exposition- main characters and background introduced: Hattie and Willie; black population living on Mars; resentment of white population who mistreated them and ultimately exiled them. News that rocket with white men is coming after 20 years of no contact Rising action- Willie stirs hatred in the population and they plan to treat the whites

like they treated them on Earth Climax- confrontation between white crew and Willie. He put out a hand and half smiled, but drew his hand back. No one moved X2 (41) Falling action- listing of all destroyed sites of Earth (through foolish human behaviour) Denoument (resolution)- rapprochement between black and white: realisation that it would be wrong to perpetrate racial hatred The Highway

What do you think the theme is? (clue-linked to previous story) In the 1950s and 60s there was a massive fear of nuclear Armageddon and the inevitable devastation that would cause to the world around us and the people living there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKqXu-5jw60 Science-fiction (speculative fiction)-although it gives a fictionalised account of a future society, it is very much concerned with the world in the present(when it was written). Apart from nuclear destruction, what other things do you think Bradbury was

concerned about? Think about and discuss all the stories we have read so far. 1. What does the writer do at the start of the story? Establishes an idyllic setting 2. Where is it set? Mexico 3. What does Hernandos making of the broken tyre into a shoe show about him? He is very resourceful and practical.

4. What is he like as a character? He is a simple soul- It is nothing. Themes Racial intolerance and redemption (The Other Foot) Impact of technology on human relations( The Veld) Problems between young and old: generational

gap( The Veld) Isolation and death as leveller (Kaleidoscope) The Man There is a contrast between two views of human nature. How would you describe these two different viewpoints? Group work Goal: to explain how language and techniques contribute to characters, setting, plot,

structure and theme in literature. You are going to discuss the stories that we have read, and decide on one story to make a presentation about to the rest of the class. You should decide which story you like the best. Your presentation should identify: What the main characters are like. Source of main conflict. What the setting is like. Main developments in the plot. How the story reflects the structure you have been taught.

What the theme is. For all of these, you need to identify how language and techniques used by Bradbury contribute to this effect. So, give quotations and explain how they are effective. You will start this today, but will finish it for homework and present on Monday 6th October. Make your presentation interesting as well as informative! Extension- make connections with another story from the anthology.

Example When Willie is preparing his horrible revenge for the white visitors t Mars (the black colony), half the population is looking forward to it, while the other half think it is unspeakably cruel. Bradbury uses contrast to hammer home this point, when he juxtaposes chuckling men preparing the apparatus for the new segregation with the oth half of the population who moved like figures in a nightmare. If

people are chuckling they are clearly enjoying themselves, while the simile of a nightmare is really effective as it suggests that they are trapped in a situation that they cannot escape from or change because nightmares are beyond the dreamers control. This is a stro contrast and illustrates how the colony is torn in two. The Long Rain Motif- a recurring symbol in a narrative

What motif is repeated throughout the story? What mood does it create in the story? What do you think it might symbolise? Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation This is a key skill in English and used to be called Close Reading. To succeed in National 5 you need to develop your expertise in this area to a

high level. Over the next couple of years you will be doing a lot of work to perfect that associated skills. Understanding- what are the main ideas in the passage? Always use your own words Analysis- How has the writer communicated ideas/meaning(what technique has been used and how effective is it)? Evaluation- How well has the writer communicated ideas? (element

of personal response) Understanding This is easy- all you have to do is show that you understand what the passage is about. To do this you provide a gloss of the section that you are directed to by the question. Always use your own words as much as possible. Mr Roskillys top tip- read more! The more widely read you are, the larger your vocabulary will be and

the easier you will find this. Analysis This can be a bit more tricky but the more you practise this the easier it becomes. Essentially, all you have to do is identify the literary or linguistic technique being used and explain how it creates an effect on the reader. Mr Roskillys top tip- read more!

Imagery- a handy formula 1. Identify which type of image is being used. 2. Quote the exact words. 3. Explain the effect of the image: ie what is being compared to what, and why? Usher II Read the story and do the following tasks:

1. Where and when is the story set? 2. Write a synopsis of the story. 3. Re-read page 83. What do you notice about the sentence structure? What is the effect? 4. Who is Stendahl and what is he like as a character? Give a quotation and explain. 5. How would you describe the setting? Give a quotation and explanation. 6. What do you think of this world? How would you describe it? Would you like to live in it? Explain your answers in as much depth as you can.

Non-fiction reading project You need to find a suitable, persuasive, article If at all possible, print and annotate your article for inclusion with your booklet. You need to read the task very carefully and then complete to the best of your ability You need to fill out the index page and make sure you get this signed by a parent or carer

Task Reading for Understanding, analysis and evaluation 1. Read The Last Night of the World and write a brief summary of the story. Use your own words. (U) 2. Choose a piece of dialogue and explain how it contributes to the tone of the story. You may look at structure, word choice or imagery. (A) 3. Think about the whole story. What do you think the theme is and how effective do you think Bradbury is in communicating this. You

should refer to a specific example from the story. (E) 4. Extension- read The Rocket and complete the same questions Independent learning Learning Intention To develop your ability to understand and analyse a text in an independent manner Success criteria To show you have understood the main ideas in an unseen piece of

literature Make notes on the effectiveness of at least one key technique To write an evaluative paragraph detailing your personal response (with specific reference to the text as a whole) Task: Reading for Understanding, analysis and evaluation Read The Rocket 1. Read The Rocket and write a brief summary of the story. Use your

own words. (U) 2. Identify at least one technique used in this story. You may look at structure, word choice, imagery etc. Quote and explain the impact on the reader (its effectiveness) (A) 3. Think about the whole story. What do you think the theme is and how effective do you think Bradbury is in communicating this. You should refer to a specific example from the story. (E) Set in a future where rocket travel is common but the preserve of the rich, while

the poor remain poor (as always). Bodoni and all his family dream of flying in a rocket one day. Bodoni buys a model rocket and creates an illusion for his children. They believe that they have been on a trip into space. The moon dreamed by.(111) Short sentence for dramatic impact and transferred epithet. The moon cannot dream but the dream that Bodoni is creating of space travel is made vivid by this image. It is the childrens dream. Theme is hold onto your dreams. There is a way to make these dreams satisfying even if they do remain dreams. Works well because a loving family could have been torn apart by being selfish and taking a real trip into space, but only for one of

them. Dialogue on 105-106 shows they care more for each other than for personal gain. They are selfless and become stronger for this (with a happy ending). Learning Intention To deepen your ability to analyse literature No Particular Night or Morning 1. Look at the first sentence. What does this suggest about the characters mood?

2. What do you think Clemens mood is and how does it contrast with Hitchcock's? How do we know? 3. Wheres the story set? (dont just say space). 4. An extended metaphor is used on p 115. Quote it, explain what is being compared to what and why it is effective. 5. Use the context to explain what nebulous means(p 117). 6. Why do you think that Hitchcock walked into space? 7. What is the overall mood of the story?

1. The fact that he had smoked an entire packet of cigarettes in two hours suggests that he was anxious and suffering from stress. 2. Clemens is relaxed and easy-going. Clear contrast to Hitchcock's stress. We know this because a relaxed tone is created by his informal dialogue: A billion miles from home, you might say. The tag at the end indicates that he is not really concerned by the distance. Also says he was not smocking at all. 3. Set in a claustrophobic space shuttle, deep in space and far away from Earth.

4. Memories, as my father once said, are porcupines. Our memories (reminisces) are compared to a porcupine. This is effective because it suggests that remembering the past is going to hurt you as they are compared to a creature with sharp quills that pierce and hurt: physical discomfort is transferred to emotional pain. 5. Nebulous means obscure and unclear which is suggested by the phrase far off which implies that it is indistinct and difficult to see clearly. 6. He could not cope with his worry and anxiety. He said that he wanted to feel

nothing and be nowhere hence his distrust of memories and dreams that he could not touch. Also he started to doubt his own existence. 7. Philosophical questions what it means to be human and a thinking sentient being. The Fox and the Forest 1. What is the tone of the opening page of this story? How does the writer communicate this? 2. Summarise what happens in the story?

3. How would you describe the future portrayed in this story? 4. Does it share any characteristics with other futures shown in this collection of short stories? Try to give a specific example. 5. What do you think the main purpose is of this story? 6. Who would you say is the most likely target audience? You might mention age, gender, nationality etc. Show what you know Cooperative and creative working

Task: to work effectively in groups to develop an attractive and informative display for the classroom. Instructions: choose one story and produce a poster that shows you have understood how Bradbury develops characterisation and setting .You should try to link these to themes too. As the text is called The Illustrated Man you should use images to make your display stand out.

Non-fiction reading work Complete one task for Monday 1st December Choose a story that you liked and discuss its merits with your group (3 mins) The Visitor: independent analysis Task: read the story and make notes on Characterisation (actions, dialogue, thoughts, description)

Settingwhere, when and mood Narrative Point of View whose point of view is the story told from? Language and imagery any striking examples of metaphors, personification, effective word choice, sentence structure Theme (s) what is the message? Homework- for Wed 3rd December Read p 156 p172

Make notes on plot, character, setting and theme Independent note taking You know the routine by now Read Zero Hour, The Playground and the Epilogue. Make notes on: Characterisation (thoughts, dialogue, description and actions) Setting and how it contributes to the mood

Language and imagery Themes Textual Analysis The opening to Zero Hour is very effective though the authors use of punctuation and sentence structure. It is a very sudden opening (like The Long Rain) and you are plunged into the middle of the story, the impact of which is emphasised by the very short declarative sentence. Exclamation marks and short sentences used to emphasise the strong

emotions. Inversion used for 3rd sentence raising the status of the compliment (excitement). Short sentences contrast with the long descriptive sentence at the close of the paragraph. Repetition of word: such creates a pattern and underlines the sheer joy felt. Strong word choice: tremulous and tumbling (alliteration) All contribute to a tone of heightened excitement. Homework

Read and finish notes on the rest of the book. Which story did you find the most interesting and why? For Wednesday 10th December End of term presentations We have now completed Bradburys anthology of short stories, The Illustrated Man, and it is time to show how effectively you can engage

with literature and make connections between stories. Task: in pairs you are going to make a presentation to the rest of the class. You need to show that you can make connections between characters, settings, language techniques and themes. Choose at least two stories and talk to the class about similarities and differences. Presentations should be between 3 and 5 minutes long. Practical advice

1. Decide which two texts you are going to present on. 2. Your decision should be based upon practical considerations. For example, are there any similarities between characters; what are they; settings; themes; language use and imagery etc? 3. You will need give the class an idea of the stories: who, what, where, when, why? 4. How are you going to present your learning? Power Point, poster, drama script/role play, song, film, continuation of the storywhat if. Be inventive!

Homework Be ready to present to class on th Monday 15 December. Critical Essay preparation In S4 you will need to write a Critical Essay under exam conditions and

without any notes. To help you to prepare for this, you will only be writing your essay in class. Tasks: 1. Read the essay plans carefully and choose which one you want to use. 2. Look over your notes and make a plan for your essay. This should include, relevant quotations, techniques used and notes on analysis. 3. On Monday and Wednesday you will write your essay in class. You can use your notes to help you with this.

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