XIWT Presentation

XIWT Presentation

Internet2: update Doug Van Houweling [email protected] ESnet International Meeting 17 February 1999 Internet2 Project Goals Enable new generation of applications Re-create leading edge R&E network capability Transfer capability to the global production Internet Progress 2.5 years ago: Internet2 Project formed October 1996 1.5 year ago:

UCAID Incorporated October 1997 10 months ago: Abilene Launched April 1998 Today 141 universities 47 corporations 7 gigapops connected to vBNS Abilene in service w/ 20 institutions connected Abilene peering with vBNS, ESnet QoS -- QBone initiative launched Middleware initiative launched

UCAID Member Universities 141 Members as of January 1999 University of Puerto Rico not shown Internet2 Corporate Partners 3Com Advanced Network & Services AT&T Cabletron Systems Cisco Systems FORE IBM ITC^DeltaCom

Lucent Technologies MCI Worldcom Newbridge Networks Nortel Networks Qwest Communications StarBurst Communications Internet2 Corporate Sponsors Bell South Packet Engines SBC Technology Resources StorageTek Torrent Technologies Internet2 Corporate Members

Alcatel Telecom Ameritech Apple Computer

AppliedTheory Bell Atlantic Bellcore British Telecom Compaq/DEC Deutsche Telekom Fujitsu GTE Internetworking Hitachi IXC Communications KDD

Nexabit Networks Nokia Research Center Novell NTT Multimedia Pacific Bell RR Donnelley Siemens Sprint Sun Microsystems Sylvan Learning

Telebeam Teleglobe Williams Communications Abilene Fall 1998: Demonstrated network at member meeting January 1999: Abilene in full service peering with: vBNS, ESnet By December 1999: around 65 institutions connected Abilene Network February 1999 Seattle

nd la e ev Cl Sacramento Denver Indianapolis Kansas City Los Angeles Atlanta Abilene Router Node Abilene Access Node Operational January 1999

Planned 1999 Houston New York Middleware Initiative Objective: a Services Rich Network Environment Functional services available to users and developers Enabling new collaborations and applications Supported as production quality An integrated framework Scaled to the size of the research and education community

Applications: Horizontal, Vertical, Spot Solutions Standard APIs Middleware: Security, Directory, Quality of Service, Audio/Video Frameworks, Accounting, Collaboration Frameworks, Multicast Standard APIs Operating system and network services Interoperable Protocols Technology Scope

QoS Digital video/audio Security Collaboration Directories Multicast File systems Measurement Remote instruments IMS

Transaction systems Meta-computing Management IP telephony Accounting/billing E-commerce Object brokers Search mechanisms Printing

Avoiding Balkanization Physics Applications Digital Library Applications Instructional Applications Data Mining Applications Physics QoS Digital Library

QoS Instructional QoS Data Mining QoS Physics Security Digital Library Security Instructional Security Data Mining

Security Physics Directories Digital Library Directories Instructional Directories Data Mining Directories Physics Storage Digital Library

Storage Instructional Storage Data Mining Storage TCP/IP Network Initiative Overview Deliverables Identification of a small number of key community projects Information dissemination Demos Workshops

Principles Focus on problems where We have a unique incentive to solve The benefit to our community is clear and compelling Results are attainable in a reasonable timeframe QBone Initiative An interdomain testbed for differentiated services Goals:

Grow a snowball of interoperable DiffServ clouds Grow a community of participants Foster pre-standards interoperability Collaborate to solve problems and share experiences Initial participants have been identified and met in several cases QBone Structure QBone Interoperability Group (QIG) Actively building pre-production interdomain DiffServ infrastructure Works on nuts-and-bolts interoperability issues Specific phased demonstrations of interdomain QoS Participation staged to keep group focused QBone Solutions Group (QSG)

Broader discussion of engineering and deployment issues Includes teams that plan to join the QIG Focus on intradomain engineering issues Participation open to the Internet2 community I2 QoS Working Group Architectural guardians Nurture QIG and QSG Initial Participants Abilene CAnet*2 iCAIR (International Center for

Advanced Internet Research) APAN, CTIT, EVL, Indiana University, MREN, Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, Northwestern University, SingAREN, STAR TAP, SURFnet, TransPAC IPPM Surveyor Project Initial Participants - contd Merit / University of Michigan NCNI - North Carolina Network Initiative NREN NYSERNet PSC / NLANR / CMU Texas A&M University / Texas GigaPoP UMN UPenn/ UMass

vBNS Internet2 QoS Resources QoS Working Group Home Page: http://www.internet2.edu/qos/wg Interest Mailing List: [email protected] QBone Home page: http://www.internet2.edu/qbone Internet2 International Collaborations Building peer to peer relationships Looking for similar goals/objectives and similar constituencies

Mechanism: Memoranda of Understanding Signed: CANARIE, Stichting SURF, NORDUnet, TERENA*, SingAREN, JAIRC, UKERNA-INFN/GARR-DFN-VereinRENATER International collaborations contd Network interconnection Interconnection at STAR TAP (CAnetII, SURFnet, NORDUnet, SingAREN underway) Second interconnection directly with Abilene (NY - NORDUnet, SURFnet) Specific project collaboration QBone (e.g. SURFnet an initial participant) middleware research/learning applications Next Steps

Continue to interconnect member desktops and servers at high speed Continue to support advanced applications development focus on multi-campus implementations Adopt, develop and implement QoS end-to-end middleware end-to-end new business models

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