Year 1 and 2 Writing Workshop 14th January 2014

Aims of today: To provide you with support to help your child with their writing at home. To show you how you can help your child to improve their writing. To give you some ideas in how to get your child to write at home. 4 key things to think about when

writing. Vocabulary Connectives Openers Punctuation Activity 1: Choose a picture and write it down.

E.g. The mouse. Now lets make it more interesting: Add an adjective E.g. The brown mouse. Or make it a 2A sentence with 2 adjectives E.g. The furry brown mouse. Now lets make it even more interesting:

Add an another adjective (A list sentence) E.g. The little, furry, brown mouse. *dont forget the commas Now lets make it really interesting: Turn it into a 4A sentence The little, furry mouse was on the large, red bus.

Make the adjectives interesting. Use a variety of different adjectives. Good opportunity to introduce children to new vocabulary and ambitious words. Temporal connectives : (Time connectives) First, Then, Next, Later, Finally, Just at that moment ly and ing openers (adverb, verb openers)

Suddenly, Walking, Jumping, Quickly walking, Nervously waiting, Story Openers Once upon a time, Long, long ago Joining 2 sentences together. and We went to the sweet shop and we bought some

chocolate. BOYS sentences But, yet, or, so We were going to go to the park but it started to rain. We could play football or we could play on the swings. It started to rain so we came inside.

Opener Vocabula Connective ry First enormous

and Next gigantic but/yet

Just at that moment impeccable . or

Suddenly Excitedly skipping n ?

magnificent Quickly running Punctuatio anxious so

gorgeous because however , !

Only focus on 3. Ing ly The more, the more 2 pair Expresses 2 things that vary together. Teach it as a feeling leading to an action/ or an action leading to a feeling. e.g.

The more angry she felt, the more she banged her fists on the table. The more he ran, the more out of breathe he began to feel. 2 pairs of related adjectives Allows children to use a range of adjectives to describe how a character is feeling/looks like e.g.

Scared and upset, tearful and worried, she ran away from the bullies. Euphoric and delighted, amused and jubilant, she giggled at the magician. Startled and shocked, excited and joyous, she won her game of football. Postcards Letters (from you, family, characters write a

reply) Text messages Emails Stories Recounts Poems Songs/raps Invitations/cards

Other tips and ideas Talk Talk Talk If a child can speak a sentence, then they can write it. Use ideas from the childrens experience to help them in their writing.

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