Year 1 L2 Rattrapage Class - Mr. Storey's lessons

Year 1 L2 Rattrapage Class - Mr. Storey's lessons

Year 2 L2 English A. Storey Basics Monday lesson 8, Wednesday lessons 4, Thursday lesson 3, Friday lesson 2 24 Students, French, Dutch, Greek and Spanish Books: Hotline Pre-Intermediate Students book and Workbook My email [email protected] Time for meeting parents Wednesday 11.30 to 12.30 A25 Positive Communicative Ethos English speaking atmosphere encouraged at all times in the classroom Respect other students and the teacher by listening to one person speaking at a time English conversation encouraged, as soon as students walk through the classroom door Rewards of good grades not only in tests and homework, but for English contributions to pairwork, groupwork and class discussions Student participation valued, speaking time in groups or to the class as much as possible

Schedule of Study First Semester Unit Grammar Topic/vocabulary 1 Tense revision: all tenses past, present and future Making arrangements, diary, The Amish 2 Intro to past perfect tense I had already finished my homework British History and the English Language 3

The second conditional If I Clothes: make brochure for had a million euros, I a clothes shop, TV, favourite would buy. programmes 4 Revision Unit Make a survey of the class 5 The Passive Voice: all tenses, A man has been arrested The Environment, destruction of the rain forest, global warming, etc. 6 Gerunds: doing, eating, etc. structures to give

advice Describing illness, at the doctor, Dangers Schedule of Study Second Semester Unit Grammar Topic/vocabulary 7 Relative Clauses: the boy who lives next door Things that annoy you, about your country (wall chart project) 8 Revision Unit Project: Presentation to the class: my perfect holiday

9 Modal verbs: can, must, Holidays and travelling the have to, expressing wishes world 10 Structures for giving advice, going to, allowed/not allowed to At the Police Station, Crime and punishment, problem pages advice 11 Reported Speech: he said that he would. He told me to etc. Whats in the news and current affairs, writing newspaper

12 Revision of the years work Review of Vocabulary Reading Lessons At the moment we are studying our first unabridged novel, Room 13 by Robert Swindells Later in the year we will study some Penguin Readers (levels 3 to 4), and possibly another novel (title undecided yet) If you wish to purchase some readers and encourage your children to read in English, it would be great! Writing Activities

Various types of writing activities this year, with more of a focus on writing as a skill because the students are becoming more able. Hopefully stimulating tasks Balance of fluency and accuracy/correction in writing at this stage Writing a formal letter, and informal letter about books studied Writing a diary entry (for a character in a novel or imagination) Producing a brochure or leaflet Writing a newspaper with reports, advertisements, etc. Homework

Homework given twice a week, with workbook tasks alternating with writing/project activities Workbook or sheet activities done for next day, writing tasks a few days Homework may be gap fill exercises, grammar exercises, learning vocabulary for a test or speaking activity, research, or free writing. (plus others) Extremely useful for students to do extra work when they have time reading (see list) or grammar activities (see website or search for grammar point on google eg. past continuous exercises) Reading List tried and tested books for teenagers

1L2 and 2L2 The Iron Man Ted Hughes Jeremy Strong various titles (?) Phillip Pullman His Dark Materials trilogy, The Ruby in the Smoke and various titles (?) Jacqueline Wilson various titles (?) Roald Dahl The Witches, Danny Champion of the World, The BFG, Mathilda, The Shapeshifter Series Ali Sparkes Hatchet Gary Paulsen 3L2 and 4L2 The Gossip Girl Series - Cecily von Ziegesar Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging Louise Rennison The Princess Diaries Meg Cabot The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole Sue Townsend Reading List (continued)

Nigel Hinton various titles The Cherub Series Robert Muchamore The Alex Rider Series, Stormbreaker, etc. Anthony Horowitz Maximum Ride Series James Patterson Eoin Colfer Artemis Fowl series Eragon Christopher Paoline Speak Laurie Halse Anderson G Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants Ann Brashares Ella Enchanted Gail Carson Levine Twilight Series Stephanie Meyer Noughts and Crosses Malorie Blackman The Lightning Thief and other titles

Rick Riordan Harry Potter of course! Uglies Trilogy Scott Westerfield (both) Cirque du Freak Darren Shan (vampires, etc.) Maniac Magee Jerry Spinelli Mates, Dates and Cosmic Kisses Cathy Hopkins The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins Tales of Narnia C.S. Lewis Others (not sure which category) H.I.V.E. series Mark Walden

Silver Fin Charlie Higson The Dark Side of Midnight Carol Hedges Flash Flood Chris Ryan Other class activities during the year IT Using the language centre computers for some classes Presentation. Presenting to the class a powerpoint about a subject that the students choose please help in research Walk around activities. Doing a survey of all the other students in the class Role Plays. Acting out roles in a shop, two friends, etc. Please encourage your kids to speak English! Music. Listening to the vocabulary of popular songs. Encouraging your youngsters to think about the words in popular music with English lyrics will help

Website My website can be used for catching up on lesson notes, checking on the homework, or looking for useful links to extra activities Comments can be made on the blog Will be kept up to date as a record of what types of things we are doing in lessons Other info Parents hour Monday 9 10 am UK summer courses (parents often ask about these!) [email protected]

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