Year 11 Options Talk Manor College

Year 11 Options Talk Manor College

THE ENGLISH MARTYRS SCHOOL AND SIXTH FORM COLLEGE OPTIONS AFTER YEAR 11 MS LIDDELL AIM You should know what the schools careers support can offer you You should know what options are available to you after finishing secondary school You will know where to look for further information You will know who can help you with making important choices and decisions YOUR FUTURE YOUR CHOICE Where do I go from here? SEARCHING AND RESEARCHING

YOU CAN FIND THE RIGHT PATHWAY FOR YOU Although there is no magic formula for choosing your next step, you can start by asking yourself some key questions that help students find the right fit. DO Learn about key qualities of each college/training provider who offers the courses you are considering Ask about the pass rates and positive destinations of their learners Ask them what engagement they have with employers and universities Ask them about the additional support, enrichment and extra curricular activities they offer GET ADVICE from your impartial careers advisor DONT Copy or follow your friends choices Choose a college because it is new and has newer facilities Choose a college because it has more free time Choose a college last minute because you have not researched properly

WHAT SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE? Careers Team Provides you with Impartial Information, advice and guidance on all options available. You will all have a 1:1 careers meeting to discuss all of your careers ideas, plans and needs. You can also drop-in before school, during break, lunchtime and afterschool. ROOM 1.31 School Resources On-line GroFar area school website and U-explore products School shared Tutor base Careers Information Box Notice boards Library

The National Careers Guidance Website and phone line Telephone: 0800 100 900 Family Contact and Support Hub(FCSH) Formerly known as connexions and IYSS. This service provides an additional resource for general personal, emotional and health information, advice and guidance (IAG). 9 Tuesday 5th November 2019 St Anne's Hall Is during school hours and is your chance to meet and talk to people about your career plans. Over 20 colleges and training providers will be in attendance. This careers event is designed to provide information relating to education, training and apprenticeship opportunities that are available to young people within Hartlepool post 16 and beyond. U Band P2 Mixed Band Subjects Students to come directly to hall after Period 1 X Band P3 Mixed Band Subjects Students to come directly to hall after break WHAT CAN I DO NEXT? All students aged 16-19 whether following an academic, vocational or mix of both are expect to follow a study programme.

Further Further Apprenticeship Traineeship Traineeship Education Education Foundation Foundation Higher Higher Education Education Learning Learning Apprenticeship

GCSE and Re-sits A Level BTECs T Levels Diplomas Vocational Qualifications Vocational qualifications with A level (combined courses) QUALIFICATION COMPARISON TABLE T LEVELS Currently only 4 providers in the Northeast: Durham 6th Form Centre New College Durham Gateshead College

St Thomas More Catholic School, Blayton T Levels are new courses coming in September 2020, which will follow GCSEs and are equivalent to 3 A Levels. 2-year courses Developed in collaboration with businesses to meet the needs of industry and prepares students for work. T Levels are a mixture of classroom learning and on-the-job experience of 315 hours (approximately 45 days). They will provide the knowledge and experience needed to open the door into skilled employment, further study or a higher apprenticeship. THINKING OF A DEGREE - THERE ARE MANY ROUTES Vocational Courses Professional Qualifications T Levels A Levels

Degree Advanced/Higher Apprenticeships but some careers require specific pathways and courses check! HIGHER AND FURTHER EDUCATION: WHERE CAN I STUDY? Sixth Form Colleges e.g. English Martyrs Sixth Form, Hartlepool Sixth Form, Dyke House 6th Form, Bede College at Billingham, Middlesbrough College, East Durham College Standard entry requirements for A level/Level 3 courses 5 GCSE Level 4> including Math and English Some subjects are higher such as Math, English and Science CHECK! Colleges of F.E. e.g. HCFE, East Durham and Houghall College, Stockton Riverside College, Middlesbrough College, Askham Bryham College Courses offered from Entry Level to Level 3 Specialist Colleges and Training Providers

e.g. Cleveland College of Art & Design, NETA, Springboard, Proactive Training, TTE, Carillion Courses offered from Entry Level to Level 3 COLLEGE OPEN EVENTS - 2019-2020 Tue 1st Oct 5:00 7:00pm Thur 14th Nov HCFE EMS Thur 7th Nov HSFC Sat 12th Oct Wed 13th Nov East Durham & Houghall College Durham Middlesbrough College Stockton Riverside

Peterlee 5:00 7:00 pm Wed 15th Jan Thur 6th Feb 5:00 7:00 pm 5:30 8:00pm (Apprenticeship Open Evening) 6:00 8:00pm Thur 6th Feb 6:00 8:00pm 10:00 1:00pm 4:30 7:30pm Tues 3rd Dec 4:30 7:30pm

Sat 1st Feb Wed 2nd Oct Wed 9th Oct 5:00 6:30pm 5:00 6:30pm Wed 6th Nov Wed 23rd Oct 5:00 6:30pm 5:00 6:30pm Wed 4th Dec 5:00 6:30pm Wed 18th Dec 5:00 6:30pm Mon 23rd Sep Tue 15th Oct 4:30 6:30pm 5:00 8:00pm Sat 9th Nov Thur 12th Dec

10:00 12:30pm 5:00 7:30pm Sat 1st Feb 10:00 12:30pm Wed 18th Mar 5:00 7:30pm Mon 7th Oct 5:30 7:30pm Thur 14th Nov 5:30 7:30pm Thur 3rd Oct 5:30- 7:30pm Thur 7th Nov 5:30- 7:30pm 5:30 7:30pm (Apprenticeship Open Evening)

Thur 30th Jan 5:30 7:30pm Thur 6th Feb 10:00 1:00pm Tue 4th Feb Bookable appointments Tue 22nd Oct 5:30 7:30pm Thur 21st Nov 5:30 7:30pm The Northern School of Art (CCAD) Tue 1st Oct Sat 16th Nov 5:30 8:00pm

10:00 2:00pm Sat 18th Jan Mon 17th Feb 10:00 2:00pm 10:00 12:00pm Askham Bryan Tue 1st Oct Sat 9th Nov Catcote College To be advised 5:00 6:30pm 10:30 1:30pm Sat 1st Feb Tue 3rd Mar 10:30 1:30pm 5:00 6:30pm

5:30 7:30pm Sat 28th Mar 10:00 2:00pm Sat 13th June 10:00 2:00pm Tue 12th May 5:00- 6:30pm SUPPORT PROGRAMME Apprenticeship Assembly Tutor time MONDAY 16TH DECEMBER Apprenticeship Drop in workshops TUESDAY 14TH JANUARY After school in the Resource Centre TUESDAY 21ST JANUARY 3-4 pm HCFE Apprenticeship TO BE CONFIRMED AT LATER DATE (FEB OR MAR TERM) Preparation Day

APPRENTICESHIPS Remembe r this is a recruitme Receive a Wage (minimum 3.70 per hour or 129.50 for 35 hour nt process! Employed earn while you learn week) Places are very competitive You may have to travel You will need to meet the deadline for applications

There are different levels of apprenticeship GETTING AN APPRENTICESHIP Entrance Tests Interview Find an employer Very competitive ALWAYS HAVE A BACK UP PLAN!! Attend all Apprenticeship events and workshops on offer to increase your chances of success A Traineeship is an education and training programme with work experience that is focused on giving young people the skills and experience that employers are looking for. At its core are work preparation training, English and Maths for those who need it and a high quality work experience placement. FOUNDATION LEARNING Individual learning programme wide range of qualifications can be studied.

Offered at entry level and level 1 (may be appropriate for those who are not expecting A C grades at GCSE) Progression Can move on to study BTECs, GCSEs, NVQs, or gain an Apprenticeship or find employment UNIFORMED SERVICES You will have to pass medicals, fitness tests, interviews and selection days Not as easy as you might think to be accepted! Need to visit local careers offices (Borough Road, Middlesbrough) for respective forces if interested Have something else in place in case you are unsuccessful or if you do not get a September start date You can apply when you are 15 years and 9 month, with parental consent THINKING AHEAD.. What will I be able to do after college/apprenticeship etc What can my course or training programme lead on to? Is it suitable for my future career ambitions? Can they lead to: Higher Education HNDs, Foundation degrees, degrees etc Advanced /Higher/Degree Apprenticeships Employment Gap Year/Travelling

WHERE TO GET INFORMATION? Careers Advisor, Tutor and library in school Careers Software - GroFar National Careers website and phone line The National Apprenticeship Website The schools website links U-explore website and careers tools Prospectuses and other publications Internet e.g. Indeed, JOBS4U College Open Evenings & Events FSCH One Stop Shop or phone line GROFAR CAREERS SYSTEM WHAT DOES IT DO? Provide a means to record the student career journey

Careers Activity Events, Records of careers meeting, actions and research Enables personalised careers information to be communicated Builds year on year careers activities Enrichment Employability skills Work experience Voluntary Work Destinations Request Additional Careers Meetings You are invited to this system via your school email Puts the student at the heart of the process Utilise technology cloud and mobile The modern approach to a Record of achievement THINGS TO DO NOW!

Log into GroFar and create your action plan. Apply for sixth form/college/ apprenticeships you can apply to as many places as you want and you can do this as early as October Attend all college and apprenticeship interviews Open a bank account (you will need this for part-time work/Apprenticeship payments etc) Get work experience or voluntary work Create your CV Continue your hard work in Year 11 to achieve the best results you can FOLLOW US @ems_careers FOR ALL UP TO DATE CAREERS ALERTS AND EVENT INFORMATION CAREERS MEETINGS TODAY Surname Forename Reg Group

Bartholomew James 11JB1 Monday 30th September 2019 09.00am Mrs Liddell Careers - 1.31 Bianco Nina 11JB1 Monday 30th September 2019 09.20am Mrs Liddell

Careers - 1.31 Borowicz Paulina 11JB1 Monday 30th September 2019 09.40am Mrs Liddell Careers - 1.31 Coombs Alleah 11JB1 Monday

30th September 2019 10.10am Mrs Liddell Careers - 1.31 Doherty Joseph 11JB1 Monday 30th September 2019 10.30am Mrs Liddell Careers - 1.31 Dunn Harry 11JB1

Monday 30th September 2019 10.50am Mrs Liddell Careers - 1.31 Day Date Time Interviewer Location Appointment cards have been distributed via your tutor

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