Year 11 - The Fallibroome Academy

Year 11 - The Fallibroome Academy

Year 11 The Final Push English Language: Question 1 Papers 1& 2 = information retrieval. Fact 1: English and Mathematics are considered the two most important subjects (core-subjects / educational institutions / employment) Fact 2 : You will have to re-sit if not meet the required standard up until you are 18 years of age. Fact 3 : English Language and Literature have to be sat and either counts as showing skills in English. Fact 4: If you prepare for the exams your mark will be higher than without!

Steps already in place: English Language Booklet issued at Parents Evening/ Class. Materials placed on English page of School Website: s/stretch-and-challenge/ Blog +Lecture Series (Wednesday session) English Language revision sessions Ask class teacher. Other places to look: AQA website YouTube: especially Slide Share / Mr Bruff tutorials. Study Guides: especially

AQA endorsed/ CGP / Pearson Key area of preparation is to know exactly what is on each paper and in what format. This is not a secret. You already know this. The exam is not trying to trick you just to test your ability after 11 years of speaking, writing and studying the language of the country you live in. Being prepared for what is on each paper will give you confidence. Paper 1 Question Focus Marks Paper 2 Question Focus

Marks Information Retrieval Four facts 4 Information Retrieval True or false statements 4

Language Use of writers Language 8 Summary of comparisons/ contrasts of TWO extracts NOT about language but about being able to notice different viewpoints 8

Structure How an extract has been organised 8 Language Use of writers Language in ONE of extracts 12 To what extent do

you agree? Engage with a text by showing an understanding of ANY techniques the writer has used 20 Comparison/ Comparison/ contrast of contrast of writers writers use of techniques: use of techniques language / structure. 16

For your own writing: Creative Writing : You will be judged on TWO areas Content and Technical Accuracy Content Technical Accuracy Structure: interesting start / end etc Use of techniques ( from metaphors to triadic structure to rhetorical questions etc. Complex punctuation ONCE! Use of varied sentence starts and lengths Paragraphing

Spellings Correct grammar ( eg: is/ are to /too was/ were ) Correct punctuation. Are you sure you How well are you interesting/ engaging can punctuate correctly? the reader? Top tips at home: English Language Vocabulary: 15-20 complex words. If can be used to describe a person, place or situation it is useful. Know how to spell / use! Examiners expect to see challenging vocabulary used. Sparingly! Judiciously!

Vocabulary: Nasty, horrible---------- nefarious Big, great ------------- colossal Sad, unhappy------------ melancholic, morose Happy -------- blissful, ecstatic Small, tiny --------- diminutive, minuscule Tired ---------- lethargic Lazy ----------- indolent An example of crafted writing (descriptive): There were black clouds above them. It was meant to have been a great day but something was wrong. The weather wasnt nice. Before the weather had been

good. There was nothing to suggest it was going to turn nasty. The sky was getting darker. They should have taken notice of this, but they were young and didnt know any better. They should have. Above them, nefarious clouds gathered. It was meant to have been a pleasant day, a blissful day. Yet something was wrong: something melancholic hung in the air. Just hours before the sky had been bright. No hint given that danger lay ahead. The ever-darkening sky should have been a warning, but in the height of summer and height of youth clouds were just clouds. How wrong they were. Top Tips: English Literature: Know each poems message(s). Poetry: learn 4 or 5 top analytical points for each poem. Full texts: know the authors reasons for writing the text. Main messages/themes. Learn at least 10 highly analytical points to impress

the examiner. Top tips at home: English Literature Ensure have a range of verbs (spelt correctly) to use when presenting a writers methods: Highlights / accentuates / emphasises / shows / exemplifies / forwards / heightens a feeling of.. Shakespeare emphasises through the use of light and dark imagery just how evil Macbeth has become. Priestley exemplifies his views on capitalism For all texts need to LEARN QUOTES. Learn some short, memorable quotes: Macbeth: Full of scorpions is my mind black and deep desires Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent beneath it Partners in greatness

An Inspector Calls Mr Birling says, Fiddlesticks! We dont live alone. We are members of one body. Bees in a hive unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable There are millions and millions of John and Eva Smiths Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Master Hyde.must have secrets of his own; black secrets, by the look of him ape-like fury a great-flame of anger A good way of learning quotes is by writing them down and testing yourself, or getting someone to test you. The next slides are some of the quotes taken from the English Stretch and Challenge session on the School website. Have a go!

Enfield, describing Hyde to Utterson, "There is something wrong with his appearance; something displeasing, something downright detestable." Utterson, speaking to himself, "If he be Mr. Hyde, I shall be Mr. Seek." Jekyll, reflecting on mankind, "All human beings... are commingled out of good and evil." When Stevenson depicts Hyde as staring with injected eyes and suggests the dreadful contortions of his features as they melt and alter," he evokes the ghastliness of the moment of transformation Jekyll, continuing his description of his own desire to be Hyde, "...and it was as an ordinary secret sinner that I at last fell before the assaults of temptation." In thunder, lightning, or in rain? Fair is foul, and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air. Macbeth does murder

sleep: the innocent sleep, too full of the milk of human kindness blood will have blood. Macbeth What's done cannot be undone. (Lady Macbeth, Act 5 Scene 1) Theres daggers in mens smiles. Arthur Birling is a heavy looking, rather portentous man

lower costs and higher prices. Girls of that class- Intimidation You know of course that my husband was lord Mayor only two years ago and that hes still a magistrate. You mustnt try to build up a kind of wall between us and that girl. If you do, then the Inspector will just break it down. And itll be all the worse when he does. Sheila 'Hes giving us the rope- so that well hang ourselves. Sheila Mother, I think that was cruel and vile

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