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Workforce Solutions CareerSource Okaloosa Walton Fort Walton Beach OneStop Center 409 Racetrack Rd, NE Fort Walton Beach 850.833.7587 Eglin Education Center Bldg. 251, Room 114; 502 West D Ave. Eglin AFB, FL 32542 850.882.1446

Emerald Coast Technical College 761 North 20th St DeFuniak Springs 850. 892.1240 Mobile One-Stop Crestview Library Every Wednesday CareerSource Value Added Benefits: Connections Workforce, Education, Economic

Development, Military, Community and Government Partners Support Business Life Cycle and Strategies Reduced Cost Per Hire Reduced Time to Hire/Time to Fill a Position Increased Competitiveness and Sustainability Reduced Turnover Increased Productivity Resources to Develop Talent Local Training Opportunities Employed Worker Training (EWT) On-the-Job Training Apprenticeship Program

State Training Opportunities Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Quick Response Training National Training Opportunities DoD SkillBridge Program Resources to Develop Talent Local Grants Employed Worker Training (EWT) - Existing Employees Provides up to 50% reimbursement for training expenses related to continuing education and skills upgrade of existing, full-time employees. On the Job Training (OJT) New Employees

Incentivizes businesses to hire eligible participants who may not have the experience necessary for open positions. Reimburses up to 50% of the trainees wages during the training period (Max. 5 Months). Registered Apprenticeship (RA) New and Existing Employees 144 hours of Related Technical Instructions (Up to $7,500 p/participant) 2000 hours of On-the-Job Training (OJT) (50% of trainees wages, max. 5 months) Resources to Develop Talent State Grants Quick Response Training (QRT) New Employees and Existing Employees Offers partial reimbursement to relocating or expanding businesses for expenses related to training new or existing employees after jobs have been created. Up to $500,000 per company. Must be in high-skill target industry paying wages of 125%

above state or local wages. Veterans Training Program Veterans Florida New and Existing Employees Provides up to $8,000.00 per full-time veteran employee for curriculum development and training to companies in targeted industries Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) - Existing Employees Provides up to 50% reimbursement for training expenses related to continuing education and skills upgrade of existing, full-time employees. (IWT Funding available at the state level. Up to $200,000 per company). Eligibility Type of Eligible Training: Skills upgrade Professional development

Occupational skills training designed to meet the needs of a business or industry Introduction of new technology, a new product, or service procedures Process improvement Business and Incumbent Eligibility: Business location must be in Okaloosa and/or Walton county Be in operation for a minimum of one year prior to the application date Be a for-profit organization (Public entities do not qualify) Demonstrate a commitment to retain or avert the layoff of employees receiving training Demonstrate how the training relates to the competitiveness of both the business and the employee receiving training Incumbent must be a resident of Okaloosa/Walton and employed with the training employer for at least 6 months Allowable Training Cost: Instructor's / trainer's training-related wages / Tuition

Curriculum development Textbooks, instructional equipment, manuals, materials and supplies Examination for certification (If a separate cost) Other necessary and reasonable costs directly related to training Industry Examples MAG Aero Strategy: Expansion adding 30+ new jobs Workforce Needs: Advancing 10 key employees into higher level positions who will be taking higher level roles within the next couple months. Training Systems Engineering and Acquisition Systems Workforce Solutions: Connected with NWFSC to develop customized training for 10 employees Approved 50% reimbursement of training cost through the EWT program

Referral of qualified cybersecurity talent and engineers DoD SkillBridge Vertex Strategy: Competitiveness and Sustainability Workforce Needs: Acquiring an industry-recognized certification to acquire new contracts and improve productivity. Workforce Solutions: Approved 50% reimbursement of training cost through the EWT program for TWI (Reimb. $15,477) Referral of candidates for their environmental program, facility and production positions DoD SkillBridge

Resources to Develop Talent National Training Opportunities DoD SkillBridge Provides Transition Service Members (TSM) with six (6) months of separation granted "Permissive TDY" to intern with community businesses Benefits:

Provides critical skills that are not available in the area Reduces cost per hire and time to hire a position CareerSource, Base Education Offices, and Airman and Family Readiness Centers partner to match applicant to suitable internship opportunity. Military Transition - DoD Skill Bridge Military Transition - DoD SkillBridge Portal Industry Participants Include: Jacobs MAG Aero Vertex Aerospace

Doolittle Institute Indyne Military Transition - TAP Survey CareerSource Okaloosa-Walton, the 96th Test Wing at Eglin Air Force Base and the 1st Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field executed a Memorandum of Understanding as a vehicle to collaborate, create and preserve jobs for transitioning service members and to connect them to career opportunity and training services. A volunteer Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Survey was developed to identify transitioning personnel skills and employment needs. The process has created high level

cooperation between on-base and off-base education, training, and career agencies. Employer needs have been relayed to base training and transition officials to better prepare transitioning military personnel for incorporation into the civilian workforce. Transition Assistance Program (TAP) Survey 2,391 Completed Surveys Military Transition - Maintainers Workforce Solutions Connect with Talent Candidate Referrals Vetted Referrals

Employ Florida - Job Posting Hiring Events Identify the Right Talent - Pre-Screening Prove-It powered by IBM Talent Solutions OneStop Event 95 Job seekers were pre-screened by our staff for the event Pre-qualified candidates wait to meet with Lockheed Martin staffing officials

28 on-thespot offers made. Candidates await the 1st of 3 interviews Hiring Managers conduct final interview before the offer Low Hire Cost Talent Availability Identify the Right Talent - Pre-Screening

Assessments Available: Basic Electronics Electrical Engineering: Electronics and Communications Metalworking Skills Tools and Fasteners Low Hire Cost Talent Availability Basic Electronics This Basic Electronics test covers the general knowledge needed to work with electronics. The topics included on this test involve print reading, component function, color coding and circuit identification, and soldering and welding techniques. This test is appropriate to administer to test takers with beginner or minimal electronics knowledge. Assessments for Electronic Schematics

Resistor Color Code are also available. Electrical Engineering: Electronics and Communications The Electrical Engineering: Electronics and Communications test covers the technology and terminology used by engineers working with analog systems, digital computers, and communications. The covered subjects include practical applications of electrical theory, analog and digital design, computer design and application, and communications systems. All questions can be answered by qualified candidates without use of a calculator or reference book. The test results will help gauge the candidate's suitability for positions in design, manufacturing, systems operation, maintenance, and technical sales. Low Hire Cost Talent Availability Metalworking Skills This Metalworking Skills test is designed to measure the knowledge a

machinist is required in order to perform his or her duties in today's machine shop. It covers, mathematics, measuring tool use, machine shop procedures, blueprint reading, quality control and material science. Tools and Fasteners This test covers knowledge of many of the common fasteners as well as some of the fastener terms used in manufacturing, maintenance, and industrial settings. By including a number of illustrations, it allows the test taker to be evaluated on his visual knowledge of fasteners. By combining illustrations with applications, it allows the test taker to be assessed on his ability to match fasteners with applications. A limited amount of fastener tool knowledge is also included in this test. This test is appropriate for test takers who will be exposed to various fasteners used in installation, assembly, maintenance, and repair of equipment, furniture, vehicles, utilities, in commercial, industrial, and some residential environments.

Registered Apprenticeship (RA) CareerSource Okaloosa can: Serve as sponsor for RA. Provide funding for the 144 hours of RTI. Or potentially reimburse up 50% of individuals' wages during a specific period for OJT.

WIOA funding (ITA) To assist these students, we created an all day workshop to provide career guidance Discussion

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