Youth Determined to Succeed and Club Fit Kids

Youth Determined to Succeed and Club Fit Kids

Club Fit Kids Tonya Bryan, M.D. Medical Director What is Club Fit Kids 12 week healthy lifestyle course for children between 10-18 years of age and their families

The program meets 3 days per week for 2 hours. During these 2 hours children workout with trainers and receive education on developing healthy lifestyles Club Fit Kids: Education Program notebook: 100 plus page book which serves as the road map for healthy eating and movement

Daily health log: Children completed a log for each day of the program. These are reviewed weekly by the training staff Children put their logs on boards, they review logs together, and help each other solve barriers to healthy eating Club Fit Kids: Education There are 5 family weekends during the 12 week program. During these longer family

days, families receive the core education on healthy eating and movement Families move together and try healthy food together on family days We have developed a core set of lectures and demonstration booths Club Fit Kids: Education

Lecture topics: Healthy Eating 101 Fast Food and You The Dietary Prescription Portion Control

Keeping a Daily Health Log Exercise Prescription Getting Started at Home Challenges to Change Advanced lectures topics: What Obesity Does to

Your Body Reading Food Labels Obesity in a Bottle Grocery Store Adventures Maintaining a Healthy Weight for Life Tips for Ongoing he Energy Balance Club Fit Kids: Education

Demonstration Tables: To engage families and children in a smaller group setting, we have developed booths. This allows kids to engage with their hands and minds. Topics:

Gross Out Table Portion Control One Day of Food Reading Food Labels 9 Inch Plate Recipe Modification Managing Holidays and Parties

Club Fit Kids: Counseling What is Club Fit Kids: Movement Kids participate in traditional cardiovascular training. They start with a 2-3 minute run and all participants work up to a 2030minute run Many children completed over a 30minute run in our last 2 cycles Strength training is a core element of the program. Children participate in obstacle courses and other basic strength training

activities Club Fit Kids: Movement Yoga/Zumba Children participate in weekly yoga sessions lead by an instructor from Core Power Yoga

They can earn yoga mats and yoga DVDs to build on their yoga practice after the twelve week program Aquatics Children Participate in weekly aquatic aerobics

and water games This helps with building core strength and cardiovascular endurance Club Fit Kids: Movement Parents and siblings participate in fitness

days during our weekend programming We have obstacle course competitions Yoga classes for

participants, parents, and siblings The last 2 sessions we have added a parent group. Parents walk or run the track while

children are doing their activities. Parents participate in many of the activities with their children. Club Fit Kids: Movement Break Dance: Local professional

break dance group demonstrates the basic concepts of street dancing and provide a weekend class on fun dancing moves Tap Dance:

A Keene Sense of Rhythm, does a tap demonstration and then they teach a 3 week session as part of the core cardiovascular activities Club Fit Kids: Food We organize multiple food demonstrations

during family weekends The goal is to introduce new types of foods and recipes to families. Example: quinoa salads, brown rice, whole grain wraps and sandwiches, fruits with dips, veggies with hummus and many other foods Veggies and You Food Demonstration Building Better Salad Food Demonstration Club Fit Kids:Food

Cooking Classes: Urban Relish- a local group of chefs, provides are larger food demonstrations and a full cooking class. Children and parents participate in a cooking class, and then eat the food they prepared during our end of cycle family celebration Chefs provide basic tips on a stocking a healthy kitchen. They provide recipes and assist families with menu planning

What is Club Fit Kids: Reasearch Children complete surveys and the changes families make in their approach to food and

exercise are assessed We track physical progress through the session Through a previous grant partnership, the University of Minnesota helped us

to respond to program data and adapt the program for ongoing success. Club Fit Kids: Results Recent cycle data highlights: 24 participants Over 70% of the kids completed a 30minute run by the end of the 12 weeks (most starting at less

than 6minutes) 2 parents completed a 30minute run 1 family with 100% attendance 4 other families with near perfect attendance Several kids returning for a repeat cycle (our data is showing we need 18 months of engagement) 3 kids going out for a new sport 1 family completed a 5K Run together Club Fits Kids: Results

Improvements in all physical activity measures Improvements in weight (wide range of loss with 2lbs-22pounds this cycle) But all patients maintained or lost weight during the 12 weeks, while adding muscle from training Club Fit Kids: Gratitude Special thanks to all of our current sponsors, including: Medica, United Way,

P.A.C.E Foundation, UPS, and IBM Thank you for your time and support!! Thank you!

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